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Living Transition Plans) FCASPL 182 (OAPL) FCASPL 181 (Adoption Due Date Extension) FCASPL 180 (Central Registry Procedure) FCASPL 179 (KPI Continuation) FCASPL 175 (JFS 02911 and I) FCASPL 174 (JFS 01608) FCASPL 173 (Adoption Assistance Decrease) FCASPL 171 (JFS 01693) FCASPL 170 (JFS 01392 is Obsolete) FCASPL 169 (Title IV-E Reimbursement Ceiling Approval System) FCASPL 168 (Removal of the JFS 01685) FCASPL 167 (ICPC Forms) FCASPL 166 (Adoption Recruitment Plan Deadline) FCASPL 165 (JFS 01318 and FACSIS forms) FCASPL 164 (Federal Reimbursement Increase for Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance and Title IV-E Adoption Assistance Per the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) FCASPL 163 (2009 KPI Poverty Guidelines) FCASPL 162 (ICWA) FCASPL 161 (JFS 01675) FCASPL 160 (Removal of JFS 01474 from FCASM) FCASPL 159 (Updated RAPBACK Instructions) FCASPL 157 (RAPBACK) FCASPL 156 (FCM 2009 Monthly Cut-Off Dates) FCASPL 155 (Shaken-Baby Syndrome in SACWIS) FCASPL 154 (JFS 01653) FCASPL 153 (JFS 01985) FCASPL 152 (JFS 01676) FCASPL 151 (Locate-only Request) FCASPL 150 (Spanish Translation of FCASM forms) FCASPL 146 (FCM Single Cost Report, JFS 02911) FCASPL 143 (Inter-country Adoption, JFS 01670) FCASPL 142 (JFS 01200) FCASPL 141 (PFR Forms) FCASPL 140 (Removal of Title IV-E Forms) FCASPL 139 (KPI 2008 300%) FCASPL 138 (ICWA Forms) FCASPL 137 (JFS 01350-I) FCASPL 136 (JFS 04281 & Instructions) FCASPL 135 (Retroactive SAMS and AA) FCASPL 134 (Medicaid: Children in Care and Individuals Younger than Age Twenty-One Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care) FCASPL 133 (JFS 01703 - ICCA Model Contract) FCASPL 131 (MEPA Cycle II Oversight) FCASPL 130 (APS Forms) FCASPL 129 (AA and SAMS) FCASPL 128 (Position Statement on Therapeutic Interventions Funded with Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy) FCASPL 127 (Foster Home Certificates when SACWIS is Down) FCASPL 124 (JFS 01350 and JFS 01350-I) FCASPL 122 (2007 OACCA IL Conference) FCASPL 121 (JFS 01410-I and JFS 01412-I) FCASPL 120 (2007 PCSAO Conference) FCASPL 119 (KPI 300% FPL Guidelines) FCASPL 116 (Adoption Services forms) FCASPL 115 (Central Registry Searches) FCASPL 114 (JFS 01376) FCASPL 113 (JFS 01659) FCASPL 112 (JFS 01925-I, JFS 02911-I, and JFS 01975) FCASPL 111 (CAPMIS) FCASPL 109 (JFS 01821-I) FCASPL 108 (JFS 04281 and JFS 01481-I) FCASMTL 107 (JFS 01334) FCASPL 105 (ICPC Forms) FCASPL 104 (Title IV-E and SSDI Medicaid Citizenship Verification) FCASPL 103 (PL 109-248 Adam Walsh) FCASPL 101 (Foster Care Certificates) FCASPL 99 (JFS 01400, JFS 01402, and JFS 01413) FCASPL 98 (MEPA Data Collection) FCASPL 94 (Adoption Forms) FCASPL 93 (JFS 01666 and JFS 01666-S) FCASPL 91 (APS Automated Reporting System) FCASPL 90 (IV-E Reimbursement) FCASPL 88 (Eligibility - Special Needs) FCASPL 87 (Quarterly TPR Tracking Tool) FCASPL 85 (Indian Child Welfare Act) FCASPL 84 (HB 117 of 125th General Assembly) FCASPL 81 (IV-E Reimbursement for Facilities in Indiana) FCASPL 80 (FRED Phase II Update) FCASPL 79 (PASSS Application SFY 04 Freeze) FCASPL 75 (Title IV-E Contemporaneous Payment System) FCASPL 74 (Designation of FRED Administrator) FCASPL 72 (Medicaid and Children No Longer Title IV-E Eligible) FCASPL 71 (Caseworker and Supervisor Training) FCASPL 70 (FC Training) FCASPL 68 (Correction to FCAPL 66) FCASPL 66 (PASSS) FCASPL 62 (MEPA, IEPA, ASFA) FCASPL 60 (AFSA) FCASPL 57 (Annual Evaluation) FCASPL 53 (ICPC Regulation #7) FCASPL 23 (JFS 01425) FCASPL 20 (Protocol for Reviewing Child Deaths) FCASPL 19 (Title IC-E Multiple Payment Summary Report) FCASPL 14 (Title IVE FCM and Child Support) FCASPL 12 (AA Stop Payment) FCASPL 6 (Title IV-E FCM Eligibility)