FCASPL 307 (Form Changes for Children Services Licensing Form JFS 01290)
Family, Children and Adult Services Procedure Letter No. 307
July 18, 2016
TO: Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: Form changes for Children Services Licensing form JFS 01290.

This procedure letter (PL) transmits revisions to one form that is used to apply for specific agency functions for foster care licensing. Pursuant to the passage of Amended Substitute House Bill Number 64 of the 131st General Assembly requiring ODJFS to draft rules for the operation and licensure of private, nonprofit therapeutic wilderness camps, necessary changes were needed to the application form. The following is a brief explanation of the revisions to the form:

The JFS 01290 "Application for Certification of Agency Functions," has been revised to insert nonprofit therapeutic wilderness camps as an agency function.

FormsJFS 01290 (rev. 9/2014)JFS 01290 (rev. 7/2016)
Transmittal Letters FACSPL No. 307