CSPMTL 194 (Five Year Rule Review - Rules and Forms Regarding Deceased Child Support Participants) CSPMTL 193 (Five Year Rule Review – House Bill 33 – Caretaker, Administrative Responsibility and Guidelines Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 192 (Five Year Rule Review - Paternity Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 191 (Five Year Rule Review – Income Withholding, FV and other Rules) CSPMTL 190 (Five Year Rule Review – Support Enforcement Tracking, Confidentiality of Information, and Lump Sum Rules) CSPMTL 189 (FYRR – Calculation of Support Obligation, Enforcement of a Support Order, and Termination of Services.) CSPMTL 188 (Five Year Rule Review – Default, Lien, and Court Genetic Testing Rules) CSPMTL 187 (OCS Rule Review – Support Enforcement Program Services and IV-D Services Rules) CSPMTL 186 (Five Year Rule Review – Child Support Guidelines) CSPMTL 185 (OCS Rule Review – Administrative Procedure Rules) CSPMTL 184 (Five Year Rule Review – License Suspension Rules) CSPMTL 183 (Five Year Rule Review – Lottery and Judicial Enforcement Rules) CSPMTL 182 (Five Year Rule Review – Poster Program, Monthly Administration, and Lottery Intercept Rules) CSPMTL 181 (Five Year Rule Review – Safeguarding of Information for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Safeguarding Visit Procedures) CSPMTL 180 (OCS Rule Review – National Medical Support Notice) CSPMTL 179 (OCS Rule Review – Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears) CSPMTL 178 (Five Year Rule Review – Locations and Other Rules) CSPMTL 177 (OCS Rule Review – Intergovernmental Rules (5 Year Rule Review)) CSPMTL 176 (OCS Rule Review – Support Enforcement Program, Program Funding, and the JFS 07736) CSPMTL 175 (OCS Rule Review – Allocation Hierarchy (Five Year Rule Review), Enforcing a Court Support Order, Support Enforcement Program Services, Distribution of Assigned Support and Income Withholding) CSPMTL 174 (JFS 08079 Paternity Brochure and Rule 5101:12-40-99) CSPMTL 173-A (Five Year Rule Review – FIDM Rules) CSPMTL 173 (Five Year Rule Review – FIDM Rules) CSPMTL 172 (Five Year Rule Review – New Hire & Record Retention Rules) CSPMTL 171 (Five Year Rule Review - Federal Tax Offset Rules) CSPMTL 170 (Five Year Rule Review – Mandatory Electronic Disbursement, Distribution of Assigned Support, and the JFS 07010) CSPMTL 169 (Five Year Rule Review – Assigned Medical Support Collections Incentives and Requirement to Cooperate with the CSEA) CSPMTL 168 (JFS 08058, Ohio Child Support Program E-Disbursement Enrollment) CSPMTL 167 (Five Year Rule Review – Termination of Services Rule) CSPMTL 166 (JFS 08080, Ohio Child Support Program E-Disbursement Enrollment) CSPMTL 165 (Five Year Rule Review – FFP, Passport & Lottery Rules, and JFS 07699) CSPMTL 164 (JFS 07016 IV-D Contract Security Addendum) CSPMTL 163 (Collection and Disbursement Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 162 (JFS 07072) CSPMTL 161 (Rules and Forms impacted by H.B. 166) CSPMTL 160 (Five Year Rule Review – Mandatory CSEA Fiscal Reports Rule) CSPMTL 159 (Five Year Rule Review – Administrative Responsibility Rules) CSPMTL 158 (Five Year Rule Review – IV-D Contracts Rules) CSPMTL 157 (Paternity Rules and Forms- 5 Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 156 (CSPC Forms) CSPMTL 155 (JFS 07699 and JFS 08080) CSPMTL 154 (JFS 07699 and JFS 08080) CSPMTL 153 (Five Year Rule Review – Collection and Disbursement Rules) CSPMTL 152 (Assignment of Support and Unreimbursed Assistance Rules) CSPMTL 151 (Ohio Child Support Guideline Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 150 (Technical Correction and Ohio Child Support Guideline Rules and Forms Overlap) CSPMTL 149 (FIDM and Mistake of Fact Hearing & Forms) CSPMTL 148 (Five Year Rule Review – ODT & Lump Sum Rules & Forms) CSPMTL 147 (Medical Enforcement) CSPMTL 146 (Order Termination) CSPMTL 145 (Support Enforcement Program Services) CSPMTL 144 (Support Establishment) CSPMTL 143 (Paternity Establishment) CSPMTL 142 (Administrative Review and Adjustment) CSPMTL 141 (Income Withholding Rules- 5 Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 140 (Court Order for Genetic Testing- 5 Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 139 (Program Income, Good Cause Waiver of Cooperation & Grandparent’s Request for Child Support for Grandchild Rules- 5 Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 138 (Cash Bond and Seek Work Rules) CSPMTL 137 (Family Violence Rules) CSPMTL 136 (Default and Calculation of Support Obligation Rules) CSPMTL 135 (Federal Tax Information (FTI) Safeguarding Rules) CSPMTL 134 (Lump Sum Payments) CSPMTL 133 (Five Year Rule Review – Administrative Procedure) CSPMTL 132 (IV-D Application Rules) CSPMTL 131 (OAC Rule 5101:12-70-05.11 and Interstate Forms) CSPMTL 130 (Termination of Services and County Initiation of a Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears) CSPMTL 129 (JFS 07699, "Your Child Support Program Information") CSPMTL 128 (Five Year Rule Review – State Lottery Prize Award Intercept) CSPMTL 127 (Revision to Rule 5101:12-40-99 and JFS 08079) CSPMTL 126 (Revisions to the JFS 05050 and Rule 5101:12-47-99) CSPMTL 125 (Five Year Rule Review- Role of the CSEA Administrative Officer) CSPMTL 124 (Five Year Rule Review – License Suspension Rules) CSPMTL 123 (JFS 08059, "Child Support Orders: What You Should Know") CSPMTL 122 (Five Year Rule Review - Account Information Access Agreements) CSPMTL 121 (Five Year Rule Review - Enforcement of a Support Order Rules) CSPMTL 120 (Five Year Rule Review - Medical Support Rules) CSPMTL 119 (Reduction of Permanently Assigned Arrears Rules - Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 118 (Five Year Rule Review - Location Rules) CSPMTL 117 (Five Year Rule Review - Incentive Payment Rules) CSPMTL 116 (Support Enforcement Program) CSPMTL 115 (OCS - Termination of Support - Revisions) CSPMTL 114 (Five Year Rule Review - 5101:12-10-05) CSPMTL 113 (Rule 5101:12-80-10.2 - Revisions) CSPMTL 112 (Continuation of Services) CSPMTL 111 (Interstate Actions) CSPMTL 110 (5 Year Rule Review - Rule 5101:12-80-07) CSPMTL 109 (Rules Impacted by Income Withholding [IW] and New Forms Rule) CSPMTL 108 (Allocation Hierarchy and Distribution of Assigned Support) CSPMTL 107 (JFS 08021-New Rules for Unemployed Parents Who Owe Child Support) CSPMTL 106 (Revisions to Rule 5101:12-50-17) CSPMTL 105 (Five Year Rule Review - Federal Tax Offset Rules) CSPMTL 104-A (Administrative Review and Adjustment Rules) CSPMTL 104 (Administrative Review and Adjustment Rules) CSPMTL 103 (JFS 04047 and 07699) CSPMTL 102 (Rule Review - New Hire and Records Retention Rules) CSPMTL 101 (Revisions to the JFS 05050 and Rule 5101:12-47-99) CSPMTL 100 (Termination of Services Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 99 (Requirement to Cooperate with the CSEA) CSPMTL 98 (JFS 00594, "Lump sum Notification") CSPMTL 97 (State Lottery Data Match and Withholding) CSPMTL 96 (Medical Support Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 95 (Passport Denial Rule) CSPMTL 94 (Termination of Support - Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 93 (Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement) CSPMTL 92 (Support Establishment) CSPMTL 91 (Administrative Responsibility Rules) CSPMTL 90 (Revisions of Mandatory Fiscal Reports and IV-D Contracts Rules) CSPMTL 89 (Paternity Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 88 (Revisions of New Hire Rules) CSPMTL 87 (Office of Child Support Poster Program) CSPMTL 86 (Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 85 (Five Year Rule Review - Grandparent's Request for Child Support) CSPMTL 84 (Child Support Rules - IV-D Contract Time) CSPMTL 83 (Collection and Disbursement Rules) CSPMTL 82 (Child Support - Five-Year Rule Review - Liens) CSPMTL 81 (Insurance Claim Intercept) CSPMTL 80 (IV-D Contracts) CSPMTL 79 (Child Support - Five Year Rule Review - Default) CSPMTL 78 (Five Year Rule Review - Program Income and State Income Tax Refund Offset) CSPMTL 77 (Revisions to the JFS 05050, "Cash Medical Support Schedule" and Rule 5101:12-47-01.2) CSPMTL 76 (Five Year Rule Review - Miscellaneous Rules) CSPMTL 75 (Calculation of the Support Obligations) CSPMTL 74 (Income Withholding Referenced Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 73 (Child Support Rules - Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 72 (Five Year Review Paternity Rules) CSPMTL 71 (Revisions to the JFS 05050, "Cash Medical Support Schedule" and Rule 5101:12-47-01.2) CSPMTL 70 (Confidentiality Rule Correction) CSPMTL 69 (Enforcement of Medical Support Rules - Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 68 (Five Year Rule Review - Various Rules) CSPMTL 67 (Five Year Rule Review - Program Services and Referral, Continuation of Services and Program Funding Rules) CSPMTL 66 (License Suspension and Reinstatement) CSPMTL 65 (Confidentiality Rules; JFS 01709, JFS 04001) CSPMTL 64 (Revision to Rule 5101:12-30-25, "Role of the CSEA Administrative Officer") CSPMTL 63 (Financial Institution Data Match {FIDM} Program) CSPMTL 62 (Revision to the New Hire Rule, "Employer responsibilities") CSPMTL 61 (Revision to the Termination of Services Rule) CSPMTL 60 (New Interstate Rules for Child Support) CSPMTL 59 (Federal Tax Offset Rules - Five Year Rule Review) CSPMTL 58 (No Change Rules: Lien Levy and Execution and Electronic Disbursement) CSPMTL 57 (Incentive Payment Rules) CSPMTL 56 (Revisions of Case Records and Allocation Hierarchy for Support Collections Rules) CSPMTL 55 (Revisions to the JFS 05050, "Cash Medical Support Schedule") CSPMTL 54 (New Hire Rules - No Change) CSPMTL 53 (Interstate Rules) CSPMTL 52 (Income That May Be Withheld or Deducted) CSPMTL 51 (Waiver or Compromise of Permanently Assigned Arrears) CSPMTL 50 (Federal Adjustment, State Payments and Recovery of Disbursed Tax Offset Collections Rule) CSPMTL 49 (JFS 04049, "Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action") CSPMTL 48 (Scheduling and Conducting Genetic Tests and Administrative Paternity Orders - No Change) CSPMTL 47 (Retention of Records and Reporting Requirements Rules) CSPMTL 46 (Requirement to Cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement Agency and Termination of Services) CSPMTL 45 (Support Establishment Rule) CSPMTL 44 (Issuance of the JFS 04048) CSPMTL 43 (Allocation Hierarchies and Prorating Collections; PRWORA Assignment, Limited Assignment, and Distribution) CSPMTL 42 (Passport Denial and Reinstatement Rule) CSPMTL 41 (Support Establishment and Lien Rules and Spanish Translation of JFS 07782.) CSPMTL 40 (Cash Medical Support Rules and Administrative Review & Adjustment Rules) CSPMTL 39 (IV-D Contract Rules, Federal Financial Participation Rules, and IV-D Contract Forms) CSPMTL 38 (Revised Forms from the Office of Child Support:) CSPMTL 37 (Rules regarding the assignment of support, cooperating with the CSEA, and unreimbursed assistance.) CSPMTL 36 (Termination of Child Support Rules and Forms, Unclaimed Funds Rule) CSPMTL 35 (Statewide Contract for Location and Collection Services and JFS 08079-S.) CSPMTL 34 (Cash Medical Support Forms) CSPMTL 33 (Cash Medical Support Forms - JFS 01849, JFS 07606, JFS 07768, JFS 07769, JFS 7058) CSPMTL 32 (Administrative Responsibility and Revision of JFS 07699.) CSPMTL 31 (Grandparents' Request for Child Support for Grandchild, Requirements for Initiating and Responding CSEAs in Interstate Cases, and Reporting an Obligor to a Consumer Reporting Agency Rules.) CSPMTL 30 (State Income Tax Offset (ODT), Administrative Offset Review of Federal Tax Refund Offset, Revision of Forms JFS 01850, JFS 01851, JFS 01853, and JFS 07544, and Rescission of JFS 07099.) CSPMTL 29 (License Suspension Rules.) CSPMTL 28 (Removal of Non-Policy Related Documents from the Forms Section of the CSPM) CSPMTL 27 (JFS 07713 and 07049) CSPMTL 26 (Program Income, Family Violence Indicator, Federal Tax Offset Submission Criteria, and Termination of Services Rules; JFS 07013, 07014, 07019, 07019-I, 07700, and 07618 Forms; and CSEIIM 43.) CSPMTL 25 (Default Rules and CSEIIM 51) CSPMTL 24 (Rescission of CSEIIM No. 50) CSPMTL 23 (Revision of the JFS 04234, JFS 08079, and adoption of the JFS 04234-I) CSPMTL 22 (Good Cause Waiver of Cooperation Rule and Good Cause Waiver Forms) CSPMTL 21 (Modification of Child Support Payment Central (CSPC) rules; modification of JFS 07747, "Check Replacement Affidavit;" and adoption of JFS 07739, "Child Support Payment Central Check Traveler") CSPMTL 20 (Location Tools, Techniques for the Enforcement of Support Orders, Income Withholding, Cash Bond, Seek Work Orders, Investigation of Obligor's Source of Income or Status of Account, and On-going Enforcement Rules; and the JFS 07625, and JFS 04056 Forms.) CSPMTL 19 (State Lottery Prize Award Intercept and Lump Sum Payments Rules and JFS 01947, JFS 07070, JFS 07071, and JFS 07719 Forms.) CSPMTL 18 (Statewide contract for location and collection services) CSPMTL 17 (JFS 01974, "Contact Letter") CSPMTL 16 (Adoption of JFS 04090, "Notice of Erroneous Payment") CSPMTL 15 (Adoption of JFS 07700, "SETS User Access Application" (4/2007) and JFS 07700I, "SETS User Access Application Instructions" (4/2007)) CSPMTL 14 (Rescission of Child Support Administrative Fund and Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) Administrative Advance Rules, Adoption of JFS 04100, and Amendment of JFS 07048.) CSPMTL 13 (Central Paternity Registry and Reimbursement for Cost of Genetic Testing) CSPMTL 12 (IV-D Application Fee, Establishing and Enforcing Medical Support Obligations, Medical Support Incentives, Enforcing a Court Support Order through the US District Courts, CSEA Expenditures Eligible and Ineligible for FFP, and Parental Duty of Support beyond the Age of Majority Rules) CSPMTL 11 (Genetic Testing, Statewide Genetic Testing Contract, Paternity Establishment Pamphlet, Paternity Establishment, Presumption of Paternity, Acknowledgment of Paternity, Rescinding an Acknowledgment, Administrative Paternity Establishment, Scheduling and Conducting Genetic Tests, Administrative Paternity Orders, Modifying the Birth Certificate, and Court Order for Genetic Testing Rules and the JFS 07038, JFS 07039, and JFS 07723 Forms) CSPMTL 10 (Amendments to Rules 5101:12-50-10.8 (Withholding from Unemployment Compensation Benefits), 5101:12-50-50 (Judicial Enforcement Actions), 5101:12-50-55 (Extradition of Obligors), 5101:12-50-58 (PSOC), 5101:12-50-65 (OCS Poster Program), and 5101:12-50-65.1 (CSEA Poster Program).) CSPMTL 9 (Medical Support and Financial Institution Data Match Program.) CSPMTL 8 (Federal Tax Offset Program, Statewide Contract for Location and Collection, and JFS 07017, 07017 I, and 07071.) CSPMTL 7 (Allocations Hierarchy, Performance Incentives, Monthly Administration of Support Orders, Assigned Support Collections and Distribution, Liens Against Real and Personal Property, Information Handling, Location, New Chapter 5101:12-01, and JFS 07006) CSPMTL 6 (Child Support Forms Amended in CSPM and Removal of JFS 01435 from CSPM) CSPMTL 5 (Lien Levy and Execution Rules and JFS 04034, JFS 04035, JFS 04043, JFS 07006, JFS 07072, JFS 07771, and NMSN.) CSPMTL 4 (New, Amended, and Rescinded Child Support Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 3 (New, Amended, and Rescinded Child Support Rules and Forms) CSPMTL 2 (New and Modified Child Support Forms) CSPMTL 1 (Conversion from the Child Support Enforcement Manual to the Child Support Program Manual)