CSPMTL 49 (JFS 04049, "Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action")
Child Support Program Manual Transmittal Letter No. 49
July 29, 2010
TO: All Child Support Program Manual Holders
FROM: Douglas E. Lumpkin, Director
SUBJECT: JFS 04049, "Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action"

The Office of Child Support (OCS) has revised the following form:

Revised FormRevised Form TitlePrior Effective Date of FormEffective Date of Revision
JFS 04049Notice to Obligor of Default and Potential Action5/20058/2010
In accordance with Ohio Revised Code section 3123.03, this form is issued to an obligor identified to be in default. The form notifies the obligor of the amount of arrears on the case and the potential actions the child support enforcement agency may take as a result of a final and enforceable determination of default.
The form has been modified to conform to the Office of Child Support design standard; to include language relating to an obligor in an active bankruptcy; to include citations to Ohio law; to make non-substantive text changes on page three; and to include information about evidence the obligor must submit when requesting a reduced arrears repayment amount. There is no change to existing processes.


When the CSPMTL is published, the CSPM will be updated as follows:

  • A revised form will be replaced with the amended form.

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