CSPMTL 16 (Adoption of JFS 04090, "Notice of Erroneous Payment")
Child Support Program Manual Transmittal Letter No. 16
May 16, 2007
TO: All Child Support Program Manual Holders
FROM: Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Director
SUBJECT: Adoption of JFS 04090, "Notice of Erroneous Payment"

OCS has proposed to adopt the following form:

Adopted Form Adopted Form TitleEffective Date of Adoption
JFS 04090Notice of Erroneous Payment4/2007
This form has been revised to include citation to rule 5101:12‑80‑05.6 of the Ohio Administrative Code that authorizes the CSEA to obtain reimbursement for an overpayment of support.


When the CSPMTL is published, the CSPM will be updated as follows:

  • A rescinded rule will be moved from the CSPM to the OAC Archive section of the eManuals.
  • An amended rule will be inserted and the previous version will be moved to the OAC Archive section of the eManuals.
  • An adopted rule will be inserted.
  • A no change rule will continue with the same effective date.
  • A rescinded form will be removed.
  • A revised form will be replaced with the amended form.
  • An adopted form will be inserted.

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Forms can also be accessed on the ODJFS Forms Central web page at: