CSPMTL 15 (Adoption of JFS 07700, "SETS User Access Application" (4/2007) and JFS 07700I, "SETS User Access Application Instructions" (4/2007))
Child Support Program Manual Transmittal Letter No. 15
April 4, 2007
TO: All Child Support Program Manual Holders
FROM: Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Director
SUBJECT: Adoption of JFS 07700, "SETS User Access Application" (4/2007) and JFS 07700I, "SETS User Access Application Instructions" (4/2007)

OCS has proposed to adopt the following forms:

Adopted FormAdopted Form TitleEffective Date of Adoption
JFS 07700SETS User Access Application4/2007
In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code rule 5101:12‑1‑15, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is responsible for monitoring access to and use of the support enforcement tracking system (SETS) to prevent and promptly identify unauthorized use. In addition to the requirements found in rule 5101:12‑1‑15, the ODJFS has a responsibility to safeguard taxpayer identification information which is available in SETS.
As part of the new process for monitoring access to SETS, ODJFS has developed the JFS 07700. The JFS 07700 must be completed for each prospective SETS user before access can be granted and any time the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) modifies the profile and/or security level of an existing SETS user.
The JFS 07700 does not replace the JFS 07078, "Code of Responsibility" (Rev. 4/2005), which shall continue to be used as part of the SETS access process. The JFS 07700, JFS 07078 and the JFS 07719, "Tax Information Safeguarding Authorization Agreement" (Rev. 10/2005) are all required and must be forwarded to OCS before access to SETS may be granted. Pursuant to Rule 5101:12‑1‑20.2(D), the JFS 07719 must be completed annually thereafter.
JFS 07700ISETS User Access Application Instructions4/2007
This form provides instructions for the user to complete the JFS 07700.


Forms will be updated in Forms Central at http://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/forms/inner.asp and in the eManual of the CSPM on the ODJFS InnerWeb at http://emanuals.jfs.ohio.gov as follows:

  • The adopted form will be inserted on the effective date of the form.