CSPMTL 138 (Cash Bond and Seek Work Rules)
Child Support Program Manual Transmittal Letter No. 138
June 5, 2018
TO: All Child Support Program Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: Cash Bond and Seek Work Rules

The Office of Child Support (OCS) has filed the following rules with no changes. The rules have been reviewed in accordance with section 106.031 of the Revised Code, which requires the review of all state agency rules within a five-year period. The effective date of the "no change" rules will remain the same as the existing rules.

Rule Rule Title



5101:12‑50‑15 Cash Bond 01/01/2008

This rule describes the circumstances that must exist for the CSEA to ask a court to order an obligor to post a cash bond and specifies that a CSEA may not order a cash bond.

This rule is authorized under ORC section 3125.25, and amplifies ORC sections 3121.03 and 3121.04.

5101:12‑50‑17 Seek Work Orders 01/01/2016

This rule describes seek work orders and discusses when the court or CSEA may issue such an order. The rule explains that the seek work order must mirror the OWF self-sufficiency contract when applicable.

This rule is authorized under ORC section 3125.25, and amplifies ORC sections 3121.03 and 5107.14.


When the CSPMTL is published, the CSPM will be updated as follows:


  • A no change rule will continue with the same effective date.

The rules and forms in the CSPM can be accessed at:



Paragraph (I)(1) of OAC rule 5101:12-1-01 states that, whenever a program change requires modification of local procedures, the CSEA is required to revise its internal procedural handbook and submit the revision to OCS within thirty days of the revision. The CSEA should carefully review the amended rules contained in this CSPMTL to determine whether they require the CSEA to update its internal procedural handbook.