CSPMTL 113 (Rule 5101:12-80-10.2 - Revisions)
Child Support Program Manual Transmittal Letter No. 113
July 1, 2016
TO: All Child Support Program Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: Rule 5101:12-80-10.2 - Revisions

The Office of Child Support (OCS) has amended the following rule:

RuleAmended Rule TitlePrior Effective DateEffective Date of Amendment
5101:12‑80‑10.2Prorating Support Collections2/1/20168/1/2016
This rule describes how to prorate a support collection when OCS or a child support enforcement agency (CSEA) receives a collection, and the obligor has more than one support order, and there are no instructions included with the collection or remitter instructions cannot be obtained for apportioning the payment between the support orders.
Changes for the existing rule include: deleted the language in paragraph (C)(3) as it no longer applies; added language to paragraph (D) to clarify the proration of a lump sum payment when it's not sufficient to satisfy total arrears; clarified when all balances have been satisfied on a support order, allocate any remaining funds to the current obligations for future months; clarified when a lump sum payment equal or exceeds the total arrears owed on support orders, satisfy the arrears owed and issue the remaining balance to the obligor or to the alternative allocation negotiated with the obligor, if any.
This rule is authorized under ORC sections 3121.71, 3125.25 and amplifies ORC sections 3125.03, 3121.43, 3121.52, 3121.54, 3121.56.


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Paragraph (I)(1) of OAC rule 5101:12-1-01 states that, whenever a program change requires modification of local procedures, the CSEA is required to revise its internal procedural handbook and submit the revision to OCS within thirty days of the revision. The CSEA should carefully review the amended rules contained in this CSPMTL to determine whether they require the CSEA to update its internal procedural handbook.