FAPL 118 (Local Ohio Youth Advisory Boards (OYAB) Funding) FAPL 117 (Reallotment Chafee Allocation) FAPL 116 (Benefit Bridge Employer Pilot Program) FAPL 115 (Employment Incentive Program (EIP)) FAPL 114 (Medicaid Renewal Case Processing Incentive Funding) FAPL 113 (Ohio Sobriety, Treatment, and Reducing Trauma (START) Funding) FAPL 112 (Medicaid Unwinding Additional Allowable Costs) FAPL 111 (Fraud Prevention and Control) FAPL 110 (Child Care Incentives) FAPL 109 (SNAP ARPA Incentive Opportunity Funding) FAPL 108 (Medicaid Unwinding) FAPL 107 (Family Children First Council (FCFC) Multi-System Youth (MSY) Incentive Funding to County Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) and Public Children Services Agencies (PCSA) Serving as the FCFC Administrative Agent) FAPL 106 (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Non-Administration American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding FFY 2023) FAPL 105 (SFY23 Medicaid State Special Projects) FAPL 104 (Kinship Support Intervention Allocation) FAPL 103 (SNAP Administration American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding) FAPL 102 (Benefit Bridge) FAPL 101 (FFY21 TANF Incentives) FAPL 100 (Additional Guidance for COVID PRC Funding) FAPL 99A (Medicaid Application Backlog Project) FAPL 98 (Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAET) Participant Allowance) FAPL 97 (SFY22 Medicaid State Special Projects) FAPL 96 (Fraud Prevention and Control Allocation) FAPL 95 (Employment Incentive Program (EIP)) FAPL 94 (SNAP Administration American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding) FAPL 93 (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: Grants to Enhance Adult Protective Services (APS)) FAPL 92 (Pilot Benefit Bridge) FAPL 91 (COVID PRC) FAPL 90 (Consolidated Appropriations Act Funding for Adult Protective Services (APS) Supplemental Allocation) FAPL 89 (Chafee Stimulus Grant) FAPL 88 (Stimulus Food Assistance Allocation) FAPL 87 (Family First Transition Act Funding Certainty Grant) FAPL 86 (Title IV-B Supplemental Disaster Relief Funding) FAPL 85 (Children Services Best Practices (CSBP) Funding) FAPL 84 (Ceiling Excess Coverage for FY19 Combined TANF Regular and TANF Administration Allocations) FAPL 83 (Medicaid Special Projects) FAPL 82 (Kinship Caregiver Program Update) FAPL 81 (Tornado Damage Disaster Funding) FAPL 80 (Kinship Caregiver Program) FAPL 79 (Supplemental TANF Administration Funding) FAPL 78 (Adoption Supplement Allocation) FAPL 77 (Child Support Awareness Month 2018) FAPL 76 (State Child Protective Allocation (SCPA) Supplement) FAPL 75 (Ohio Flooding February 2018) FAPL 74 (Supplemental TANF Administration Funding) FAPL 73 (Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAET) Participant Allowance) FAPL 72 (Child Support State Match Special Project) FAPL 71 (Ohio Youth Works Program) FAPL 70 (Wage Pathway Model) FAPL 69 (American Job Center [AJC] Branding) FAPL 68 (FAET Participant Allowance Allocation) FAPL 67 (Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAET) Participant Allowance Allocation) FAPL 66 (SNAP Employment & Training [E&T] - Local Funding Opportunity) FAPL 65 (Child Support Training Allocation) FAPL 64 (Adult Protective Services [APS] Innovation Fund Extension) FAPL 63A (Medicaid Special Projects Enhanced Match Correction) FAPL 63 (Medicaid Special Projects Enhanced Match Clarification) FAPL 62 (Ohio Children's Trust Fund [OCTF] County Prevention Plans Allocation) FAPL 61 (Medicaid Special Projects Enhanced Match) FAPL 60 (Child Support Training Allocation) FAPL 59 (Adult Protective Services [APS] Innovation Fund) FAPL 58 (The Ohio Works First Employment Incentive Pilot Program Allocation) FAPL 57 (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Transitional Funding) FAPL 56A (Efficiency and Innovation Fund Update) FAPL 56 (Efficiency and Innovation Fund) FAPL 55 (TANF Work Expense Allowance Allocation) FAPL 54 (Chafee State Match Allocation) FAPL 53 (ESSA State Match Allocation) FAPL 52 (Industry Workforce Alliance) FAPL 51 (Child Support Training Allocation) FAPL 50 (Fraud Awareness Allocation) FAPL 49 (FAET Shared Services Allocation) FAPL 48 (OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) Virtual One-Stop Pilot) FAPL 47 (WIA Quarterly Financial Statement Update) FAPL 46 (OhioMeansJobs {OMJ} Branding) FAPL 45 (Redistribution of Allocations for TANF Summer Youth Funding) FAPL 44 (Medicaid Integrated Eligibility Project) FAPL 43 (Family Service Agency Budget Allocation Transfer Request) FAPL 42 (Supplemental Child Support Funding) FAPL 41 (Supplemental TANF Funding) FAPL 40 (June 2012 Severe Weather Relief) FAPL 39 (State Adoption Incentive Program) FAPL 38 (Connecting the Dots Pilot Funding) FAPL 37 (March 2012 Severe Weather Relief) FAPL 36 (Prior Approval Requests of Noncompetitive Procurements) FAPL 35 (Update on NEG OJT Outreach Project) FAPL 34 (Abnormal or Mass Severance Pay) FAPL 33 (NEG OJT Outreach Project) FAPL 32 (Symposium on Meaningful Visitation) FAPL 31 (Title XX TANF Transfer) FAPL 30 (2009 SNAP High Performance Bonus) FAPL 29 (September 2010 Severe Weather Relief) FAPL 28 (Title XX TANF Transfer) FAPL 27 (Updated County Procurement Guidelines) FAPL 26 (Title XX TANF Transfer) FAPL 25 (Food Assistance Payment Accuracy Re-investment Funding) FAPL 24 (Federal Food Assistance Stimulus) FAPL 23 (Title IV-E Foster Care Expenditure Report [JFS 04280]) FAPL 22 (Ensuring County and Local Area Compliance with Cash Management Principles) FAPL 21 (Child Support Performance Incentives) FAPL 20 (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Performance Bonus) FAPL 19 (Transfer of Juvenile Court Random Moment Sample Forms) FAPL 18 (Title XX TANF Transfer) FAPL 17 (Mass Severance Pay) FAPL 16 (ODJFS Subrecipient Monitoring and Risk Assessment) FAPL 15 (Federal Food Assistance Stimulus) FAPL 14 (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Impact on Child Support Incentives) FAPL 13 (:AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT OF 2009 (ARRA) PROVISIONS FOR WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT) FAPL 12 (Quarterly Report Of Full Time Equivalent Positions For All Agency Types (JFS 04290)) FAPL 11 (TANF TO CHILD CARE 2 REALLOCATION) FAPL 10 (Quarterly Report Of Stand Alone CSEA, PCSA, and WIA Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Positions (JFS 04291)) FAPL 9 (Title IV-B Administrative Costs) FAPL 8 (Rescission of Rule 5101-5-10 of the Ohio Administrative Code - Asset Reimbursement Methods) FAPL 7 (TANF TO CHILD CARE 2 REALLOCATION) FAPL 6 (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Incentives) FAPL 5 (SFY 07 Child Support Incentives Balance) FAPL 4 (Ohio Job and Family Services Directors' Association (OJFSDA) Annual Conference) FAPL 3 (Summit County Hmong Refugees) FAPL 2 (County Procurement Guidelines Using Federal Money in Whole or in Part, and Utilizing the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program by Counties) FAPL 1 (TANF TO CHILD CARE 2 REALLOCATION)