4141 Unemployment Compensation
Mike DeWine, Governor
Matt Damschroder, Director
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
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4141-1-01 (Employer defined) 4141-1-03 (General Partnerships) 4141-1-04 (Limited Partnership Associations, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies) 4141-1-05 (Corporate Officers and Directors) 4141-11-01 (Quarterly reports and due date.) 4141-11-02 (Quarterly Payments, Interest and Due Date) 4141-11-07 (Final Report) 4141-11-08 (Transfer of Business) 4141-11-10 (Voluntary Payments) 4141-11-13 (Prohibition Against Common Paymaster Reporting) 4141-11-14 (Method of Payment, Clearance of Checks, and Dishonored Checks) 4141-11-28 (Definition of "Best Interest of the Unemployment Compensation Fund") 4141-13-02 (Adjustment of Refunds) 4141-13-04 (Corrected Determinations and Orders) 4141-15-01 (Contribution Rate of a Liable Successor-in-Interest, in Whole or in Part) 4141-15-03 (Contribution Rate for a Non-Liable Successor-in-Interest, in Whole or in Part) 4141-15-04 (Assignment Of Average Contribution Rate for Employers Engaged in the Construction Industry) 4141-15-05 (Eligibility for common rate.) 4141-15-06 (Determining when an Employer's Account is Chargeable for Benefits) 4141-15-07 (Contribution Rate for a Successor-in-Interest with No Recent Employment History) 4141-15-08 (Special Contribution Rates) 4141-16-01 (Disclosure of Income and Eligibility Verification System Information) 4141-16-02 (Agreement Between Department of Job and Family Services and Requesting Agency) 4141-16-03 (Protection of Confidentiality) 4141-17-01 (Successor in interest.) 4141-17-02 (Voluntary Successorship: Clearly Segregable and Identifiable Portion) 4141-17-03 (Voluntary Successorship: Substantially All of the Assets) 4141-17-04 (Automatic Successorship) 4141-17-05 (Mandatory Partial Transfer of Experience) 4141-19-01 (Filing of documents, reports, appeals and other information.) 4141-21-01 (Application for Reconsideration of Employer's Liability Determination) 4141-21-03 (Payment during director's reconsideration and review by the review commission.) 4141-23-01 (Records of employers.) 4141-23-02 (Records to be Kept Five Years) 4141-23-03 (Social security account numbers.) 4141-25-07 (Qualifying weeks) 4141-25-09 (Director's Authority to Request Information Regarding Labor Disputes) 4141-27-04 (Filing Claims for Benefits) 4141-27-05 (Time Limitation for Filing Claim for Benefits Within the Benefit Year) 4141-27-09 (Requests for Redetermination and Appeal) 4141-27-10 (Timeliness of appeals.) 4141-27-12 (Uniform process for submitting a complaint) 4141-28-02 (Scheduling Labor Dispute Hearings; Rights of Parties) 4141-28-03 (Testimony in Labor Dispute Hearings) 4141-28-04 (Labor Dispute Hearing Procedure; Evidence; Rights of Parties) 4141-28-05 (Labor dispute decisions) 4141-28-06 (Subpoenas in Labor Dispute Cases) 4141-28-07 (Contempt Proceedings in Labor Dispute Cases) 4141-28-08 (Who may be Allowed Witness Fees in Labor Dispute Cases) 4141-28-10 (Removal of Labor Dispute Disqualifications in Cases where Claimants Obtain Bona Fide Jobs) 4141-29-02 (Seasonal eligibility.) 4141-29-03 (Sports and athletic employment.) 4141-29-07 (Active search for work requirement.) 4141-30-01 (Separation Pay) 4141-3-05 (Definition of employment.) 4141-3-06 (Temporary Services Agencies) 4141-3-07 (Professional employer organizations) 4141-31-01 (Interstate claims.) 4141-31-02 (Registration for work on interstate claims.) 4141-32-01 (Determination of seasonal status.) 4141-35-03 (Exception to Benefit Charges) 4141-35-05 (Charges on Combined Wage Credit Claims Paid by Ohio) 4141-35-06 (Charges on Combined Wage Credit Claims Paid by Another State) 4141-35-07 (Unemployment Caused by a Major Disaster) 4141-36-01 (Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans) 4141-37-01 (Notice of Election to Become Reimbursing Employer) 4141-37-02 (Definition of bonding amount.) 4141-37-03 (Election Notice and Bonding Amount) 4141-37-05 (Estimate of Wages for Bonding Amount) 4141-37-06 (Adjustment in Bonding Amount and in Surety Bond or Deposit) 4141-37-08 (Deposit of Approved Municipal or Other Bonds, Approved Securities, or Other Forms of Collateral Security Approved by the Director) 4141-37-09 (Failure to Comply with Determination on Surety Bond or Deposit) 4141-37-10 (Group Accounts) 4141-37-11 (Changes in and Termination of Group Account) 4141-37-12 (Group Bond) 4141-43-01 (Exchange and disclosure of information.) 4141-43-02 (Disclosure of Confidential Information to Public Child Support Enforcement Agencies, Public Assistance Agencies, Employment and Training Agencies, Prosecuting Authorities, and Other Public Officials and Governmental Agencies) 4141-43-03 (Disclosure of Wage Information to a Consumer Reporting Agency) 4141-5-02 (Domestic service.) 4141-5-03 (Family Relationships) 4141-5-05 (Work relief or work training program exclusion.) 4141-5-06 (Major Nontenured Policymaking or Advisory Positions) 4141-7-02 (Coverage Election by Political Subdivision) 4141-7-03 (Out-of-State Services) 4141-7-04 (Voluntary Election Applying to Successor-in-Interest in Whole or in Part) 4141-7-05 (Termination of voluntary election) 4141-9-01 (Wage and remuneration expanded definitions) 4141-9-02 (Tax Base) 4141-9-04 (Remuneration) 4141-9-05 (Holiday Pay) 4141-9-06 (Reporting of weeks by employers) 4141-9-07 (Weeks to be Reported) 4141-9-08 (Remuneration in Lieu of Notice) 4141-9-12 (Travel Expenses) 4141-9-14 (Retroactive Pay Awards) 4141-9-09 (Valuation of Meals and Lodging)