4141 Unemployment Compensation
4141-11-28 Definition of "Best Interest of the Unemployment Compensation Fund"
Effective Date: December 28, 2017
Most Current Prior Effective Date: April 1, 2012

For the purposes of division (E) of section 4141.23 of the Revised Code, a reduction in the amount of interest, forfeiture, and fines required to be paid under Chapter 4141. of the Revised Code will be deemed to be in the best interest of the unemployment compensation fund when:

(A)       In the judgment of the director, the reduction would increase the amount of contributions, surcharge, or payments in lieu of contributions collected;

(B)       Would better enable the employer to thereafter comply with its obligations under Chapter 4141. of the Revised Code; and

(C)       The employer tenders payment, within the time and in the manner prescribed by the director, of all contributions, surcharge, or payments in lieu of contributions, forfeiture, and/or interest required to be paid.

Effective: 12/28/2017

Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 10/3/2017 and 12/28/2022


Date: 12/08/2017

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: 4141.13

Rule Amplifies: 4141.23

Prior Effective Dates: 01/15/2001, 04/01/2012