5101:12-1-01 (The Support Enforcement Program) 5101:12-1-10 (Definitions..) 5101:12-1-10.1 (Support enforcement program services.) 5101:12-1-15 (Support enforcement tracking system.) 5101:12-1-17 (Ohio child support guideline.) 5101:12-1-20 (Confidentiality of information.) 5101:12-1-20.1 (Requests for information contained in a person's case record.) 5101:12-1-20.2 (Information from the unemployment compensation program and Ohio department of taxation.) 5101:12-1-22 (Safeguarding of information from the internal revenue service.) 5101:12-1-22.1 (Safeguarding visit procedures.) 5101:12-1-25 (Record Retention, Disposal, and Destruction of Fiscal, Statistical, and Administrative Records) 5101:12-1-50 (Program Funding) 5101:12-1-51 (Mandatory CSEA Fiscal Reports) 5101:12-1-53 (Program income.) 5101:12-1-54 (Incentive Payment) 5101:12-1-54.1 (Incentive Payment: Performance-Based Measure) 5101:12-1-54.2 (Incentive Payment: County Self-Assessment) 5101:12-1-56 (Assigned Medical Support Collections Incentives) 5101:12-1-60 (Expenditures Eligible for Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement) 5101:12-1-60.1 (Expenditures Ineligible for Federal Financial Participation Reimbursement) 5101:12-1-80 (IV-D Contracts: Overview) 5101:12-1-80.1 (Completing the IV-D Contract) 5101:12-1-80.2 (IV-D contract Submission Requirements and Acceptance Process) 5101:12-1-80.3 (IV-D Contract Time and Exception Reporting, Invoicing, Monitoring, and Evaluation) 5101:12-1-80.4 (IV-D Contract Record Retention) 5101:12-1-85 (Statewide genetic testing contract.) 5101:12-1-90 (Account Information Access Agreements) 5101:12-1-99 (Chapter 5101:12-1 forms - Ohio support enforcement program.)