5101:1-1-01 (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Definitions) 5101:1-3-01 (Ohio Works First: Federal Work Participation Rates) 5101:1-3-02 (Ohio Works First: School Attendance) 5101:1-3-03 (Ohio Works First: Residence and Living Arrangement Requirement) 5101:1-3-04 (Ohio Works First: Temporary Absence) 5101:1-3-04.1 (Ohio Works First: Shared Parenting (Joint Custody)) 5101:1-3-07 (Ohio works first: evidence of age, citizenship, and identity.) 5101:1-3-09 (Ohio works first: social security number requirement.) 5101:1-3-10 (Ohio Works First: Child Support Requirement) 5101:1-3-11 (Ohio Works First (OWF): Appraisals, Assessments, and Self Sufficiency Contract) 5101:1-3-12 (Ohio Works First: Work Activities) 5101:1-3-12.1 (Unsubsidized Employment) 5101:1-3-12.2 (Subsidized Public and Private Employment) 5101:1-3-12.3 (Work experience program.) 5101:1-3-12.4 (On-The-Job On-the-job training) 5101:1-3-12.5 (Job Search and Job Readiness Assistance) 5101:1-3-12.6 (Community Service) 5101:1-3-12.7 (Vocational Educational Training) 5101:1-3-12.8 (Providing child care services to an individual who is participating in a community service program.) 5101:1-3-12.9 (Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment) 5101:1-3-12.10 (Education directly related to employment in the case of a recipient who has not received a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency.) 5101:1-3-12.11 (Satisfactory Attendance at Secondary School or in a Course of Study Leading to a Certificate of General Equivalence, in the Case of a Recipient who has Not Completed Secondary School or Received Such a Certificate) 5101:1-3-12.12 (Alternative Activities) 5101:1-3-13 (Ohio works first: good cause for work activity failures.) 5101:1-3-14 (Ohio works first: penalties.) 5101:1-3-15 (Ohio Works First: Three-Tier Sanctions) 5101:1-3-15.1 (Transition of Ohio Works First Sanctioned Assistance Groups And Compliance) 5101:1-3-16 (The Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Employer Subsidy) 5101:1-3-18 (Individual Development Account Program) 5101:1-3-20 (Ohio works first: domestic violence- information, screening, referral and waiver of eligibility requirements.) 5101:1-23-01 (Ohio works first: time-limited receipt of assistance.) 5101:1-23-01.1 (Ohio Works First: Calculation of the Twenty Per Cent Limits for State and Federal Hardship Extensions) 5101:1-23-10 (Ohio Works First: Assistance Group Determination) 5101:1-23-20 (Ohio Works First: Income and Eligibility) 5101:1-23-20.1 (Ohio Works First: Excluded Income) 5101:1-23-20.2 (Ohio Works First: Allocation of Income) 5101:1-23-40 (Ohio works first: payments.) 5101:1-23-50 (Ohio Works First: Learning, Earning and Parenting Program) 5101:1-23-60 (Ohio Works First: Underpayments) 5101:1-23-70 (Ohio Works First: Erroneous Payments) 5101:1-23-70.1 (Ohio Works First: Overpayments of Aid to Dependent Children / Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Cash Assistance and/or Ohio Works First that Occurred Prior to July 1, 1998) 5101:1-23-70.2 (Ohio Works First: Work Allowance Overpayments that Occurred Prior to October 1, 1997) 5101:1-23-75 (Ohio Works First and Prevention, Retention and Contingency: Assistance Group Ineligibility Due to Receipt of Fraudulent Assistance) 5101:1-24-20 (Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program: Excluded Income and Resources) 5101:1-24-30 (Kinship caregiver program.)