CCMPL 66 (New Form for Reinstatement of Child Care Benefits)
Child Care Manual Procedure Letter No. 66
October 18, 2011
TO: All Manual Holders
FROM: Michael B. Colbert, Director
SUBJECT: New Form for Reinstatement of Child Care Benefits

Child care policy now allows for reinstatement of child care benefits under certain conditions. A new form has been developed to capture information necessary to identify the case and review eligibility factors to determine if the caretaker qualifies for reinstatement.

The JFS 01126 "Request for Reinstatement of Child Care Benefits" will be used by caretakers when they are requesting reinstatement of child care benefits within 60 days of termination of benefits. Rule 5101:2-16-30, which is effective September 29, 2011, describes all eligibility requirements for reinstatement.

The electronic versions of the Child Care Manuals are located at: The manuals contain all child care rules, transmittal letters and procedure letters.

Please contact the Help Desk for the Office of Families and Children at 1-866-886-3537, option 4 if you have any questions.

INSTRUCTIONS: The following chart identifies the material that needs to be removed from and inserted into the Child Care Manual.

CCM JFS 01126
CCM Procedure Letters CCMPL No. 66