CCMPL 110 (JFS 01356 and JFS 01357)
Child Care Manual Procedure Letter No. 110
March 29, 2017
TO: All Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: JFS 01356 and JFS 01357


The Office of Family Assistance has revised and obsoleted the following family child care forms as a result of changes to the child care licensing rules.

The following form was revised:

JFS 01356 "Recommendation for Revocation/Denial of License of Family Child Care Home" has been revised to allow the form to be used by county agencies for all family child care settings, to update the applicable rule reference and to include additional family child care provider program information.

The following form was made obsolete:

JFS 01357 "Matrix for Recommendation for Revocation of Family Child Care License" is being made obsolete as this form is no longer used.

Please contact the Child Care Policy Helpdesk at 1-877-302-2347, option 4, if you have any questions.