CCMPL 111 (Obsoleted Child Care Forms)
Child Care Manual Procedure Letter No. 111
June 8, 2017
TO: All Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: Obsoleted Child Care Forms

The Office of Family Assistance has completed a general inventory of child care licensing and Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) forms to identify which forms are still valid and currently in use. During this process, multiple forms were identified as outdated or the information is now contained in the revised rules.

The following forms have been made obsolete and removed from the Child Care Manual:

JFS 01134 “Serious Risk Non-Compliance Documentation for Step Up To Quality”

JFS 01252 “Types of Child Care Settings”

JFS 01274 “Guidance Document for Programs for Type A Homes for Step Up To Quality (SUTQ)”

JFS 01275 “Guidance Document for Programs for Step Up To Quality (SUTQ)”

JFS 01288 “Central Office Licensing Tracking System (COLTS) Payment Voucher”

JFS 01549 “Summary of Child Care Licensing Moderate and Serious Risk Non-Compliances for Centers”

JFS 01555 “Emerging Star Conditions for Participation in Step Up To Quality”

JFS 01564 “Systems Guide for Maintaining Staff/Child Ratios and Supervision”

JFS 01565 “Systems Guide for Criminal Records Checks”

JFS 01566 “Systems Guide for the Proper Administration of Medication”

JFS 01567 “Systems Guide to Keeping Children Safe with Health Conditions”

JFS 01579 “Program Guide to Keeping Ohio's Children Safe and Healthy”

JFS 01752 “Health and Safety Training Instructor Guide”

The above referenced program and systems guides, and the JFS 01549, will be released as technical assistance documents available at

If you have any questions, please contact the Child Care Policy Help Desk at 1-877- 302-2347, option 4.