CCMTL 57 (H.B. 12, Syrup of Ipecac and Forms)
Child Care Manual Transmittal Letter No. 57
March 31, 2004
TO: All Child Care Manual Users
FROM: Thomas J. Hayes, Director
SUBJECT: Information Regarding Concealed Handguns Legislation (H.B. 12), Use of Syrup of Ipecac and Revised Forms

House Bill 12 Concealed Handguns

The Concealed Handguns Bill was signed on January 8, 2004 and will be effective on April 8, 2004. Please be aware that this new law affects Child Care in Ohio. ORC Section 2923.1212 (A) requires that the owner, administrator, or operator of a child day-care center, a type A family day-care home or a type B family-day care home post a sign that contains a statement in substantially the following form: "Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person's control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto these premises."

The department will not promulgate any rules regarding this requirement. Providers should consult with their attorneys regarding compliance with this new state law.

Syrup of Ipecac

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending that Syrup of Ipecac be removed from first aid supplies. Based upon this recommendation and with the support of the Ohio Department of Health, the requirement that first aid supplies of all child care providers contain two bottles of Syrup of Ipecac and a measuring device for administering the syrup is eliminated. This change is effective immediately. Child care providers should continue to contact the Poison Control Center as appropriate.

The forms listed below that are included with this transmittal have been revised to eliminate the reference to Syrup of Ipecac. Providers should begin to use the applicable forms immediately.

For Child Care Centers pursuant to OAC 5101:2-12-36 First aid supplies/procedures and for Type A Homes pursuant to OAC 5101:2-13-36 First aid supplies/procedures

  • JFS 01244 "First Aid Supplies"

For use by County Departments of Job and Family Services for Type B Homes.

  • JFS 01642 "Application/Inspection Form for Limited Certification."
  • JFS 01926 "Professional Type B Family Child Care Inspection Report"

Please be advised that the department is in the process of amending the JFS 01299 "Incident/Injury Report Form" and the following rules to remove any reference to the use of Syrup of Ipecac.

Center Rules that will be amended:

OAC Rule 5101:2-12-31 Administration of Medication

OAC Rule 5101:2-12-35 Incident/Injury Report

Type A Home Rules that will be amended:

OAC Rule 5101:2-12-31 Administration of Medication

OAC Rule 5101:2-12-35 Incident/Injury Report

Type B Provider Rules that will be amended:

OAC Rule 5101:2-14-28 Medical and dental emergency plan for professional certification

OAC Rule 5101:2-14-29 First-aid supply requirements for professional certification

OAC Rule 5101:2-14-31 Medication administration requirements for professional certification

OAC Rule 5101:2-14-58 Provider responsibilities for limited certification

Other Revised Forms.

Included in this transmittal letter are the JFS 01201"Dental First Aid Chart" and a sample form, the JFS 01300 "Employee Reference Form" which have been revised.


The following chart depicts what materials should be removed from and what materials should be inserted into the Child Care Manual (CCM).

Child Care Manual Appendix  
  JFS 01201
 JFS 01244JFS 01244
  JFS 01300
 JFS 01642JFS 01642
 JFS 01926JFS 01926
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