CCMTL 120 (Rule Amendments for Payments for Publicly Funded Child Care)
Child Care Manual Transmittal Letter No. 120
September 30, 2013
TO: All Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Michael B. Colbert, Director
SUBJECT: Rule Amendments for Payments for Publicly Funded Child Care


The Office of Family Assistance amended rule 5101:2-16-41 of the Ohio Administrative Code which governs how payments are calculated for publicly funded child care. This amendment is a result of changes to the Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) program. SUTQ is currently a voluntary three-star rating system. Beginning in October 2013, it will be a voluntary five-star rating system.

The following rule has been amended with an effective date of October 1, 2013:

Rule 5101:2-16-41, "Payment Rates and Procedures for Providers of Publicly Funded Child Care" has been amended to clarify "provider" for purposes of the rule, revise summer school year period, revise the payment rate increase for programs who are rated in SUTQ, and to clarify language for in-home aides.

CCM Rules5101:2‑16‑41 and
5101:2‑16‑41 and
CCM Transmittal Letters CCMTL No. 120