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WIATL 35 (Job Seeker Registration (Intake) in the Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI) Labor Exchange (LE) System)
Workforce Investment Act Transmittal Letter No. 35
February 1, 2008
TO: Local Elected Officials, WIA Local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), Fiscal Agents, Administrative Entities, and One-Stop Operators
FROM: Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Director
SUBJECT: Job Seeker Registration (Intake) in the Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI) Labor Exchange (LE) System


This communication provides guidance on job seeker registration for Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange services and who can be served. Job seeker registration for Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange services is accomplished through the use of the Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI) Labor Exchange (LE) system.

II.Effective Date



The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 transformed the Wagner-Peyser funded employment service from a nationwide system of separate local employment offices into the foundation of the nation's One-Stop centers. Through One-Stop centers, job seekers may receive the services they need to enter or reenter the workforce. One-Stop centers provide early intervention and referrals to suitable job openings, including employment services customized to job seekers' needs, such as job search workshops, job development, screening for referrals to jobs, referral to training, or other support services.

IV.Guidance Statement

Wagner-Peyser LE services are provided to job seekers based on the customer's choice of self-service or staff-assisted service, to maximize customer choice in levels of services and to emphasize universal access. One-Stop centers provide information and resources for self-service and/or staff-assisted services. Job seekers will be able to register for Wagner-Peyser labor exchange services in the SCOTI LE system to receive LE services. The job seeker must establish an account in the SCOTI LE system.

A.Eligibility - Who Can Be Served?

Any job seeker in the United States may register for work, without regard to place of residence, current employment status, or occupational qualifications. Wagner-Peyser labor exchange services are available to citizens and nationals of the United States, lawfully admitted permanent resident aliens, refugees, and other immigrants authorized to work in the United States. Unemployment Compensation (UC) claimants who are required to conduct work search to receive UC must register for Wagner-Peyser labor exchange services in the SCOTI LE system. Registration information is self-attestation.

Within the One-Stop system, there are programs that offer services to special populations such as veterans, individuals with disabilities, migrant and seasonal farm-workers, and youth and older workers. Inquiries should be made at the One-Stop if additional assistance is needed regarding one of these or other populations.

B.Information for Registration

Contact Information

The registration process requires the job seeker to provide contact information such as an address and telephone number. At a minimum, the job seeker must provide an address. Contact information is a necessity to accomplish the labor exchange process.

An exception is the case of individual who indicates his or her status as homeless. In such instances, the individual should be encouraged to provide a valid point of contact address such as a family member, friend or the location of a shelter if he or she utilizes it frequently. If no other address is available, staff may list the address of the One Stop to ensure the registration is complete. If no address is provided, the registration will be incomplete and will not be able to be matched against possible job openings.

Whenever a registered job seeker is in contact with One-Stop staff, the job seeker's contact information should be verified to ensure that it is current and updated in the SCOTI LE system.

Social Security Number (SSN)

The Wagner-Peyser labor exchange registration process requires the job seeker's social security number as an identifier. There may be situations where the job seeker refuses to provide the social security number when using SCOTI self-service online, although SCOTI is a secure site.

If a job seeker is self-registering and has no social security number or chooses not to provide the number, the job seeker is instructed to visit the nearest One-Stop center for further assistance. The job seeker's SSN is required to be provided during staff-assisted registration at a One-Stop center. For any job seeker who does not have a social security number, One-Stop staff must give the job seeker a pseudo nine-digit social security number that is a temporary number to be used to register the job seeker. The job seeker should be instructed to contact the nearest social security office to obtain a permanent social security number. The pseudo number will remain in the SCOTI LE system until a job seeker provides a social security number.

The formula for a pseudo number is as follows:

Use 99 for the first two digits, use two digits for the month of the job seeker's birth, use two digits for the job seeker's day of birth, use two digits for the job seeker's year of birth, and use an "0" for the last digit. If the system detects a duplicate with the pseudo number, advance the last digit by one number until no duplicates are found.

Equal Opportunity Questions

Job seekers may decline to provide ethnicity and race information. The SCOTI system will enter "did not declare" as the default if this information is not provided and the job seeker will be allowed to register.

Date of Birth

Refusal to provide a date of birth will preclude the job seeker from registering. A job seeker must be at least 14 years of age.

C.Complete and Incomplete Registration

A job seeker's complete registration means that all required entries of the registration are completed and an appropriate occupational code(s) is assigned. Only registrations that are complete are included in job matches in SCOTI LE.

At the time an individual registers for UC benefits and that individual is deemed to be a "Work Search Required or 'R' claimant", a complete registration is sent Real-Time to the SCOTI system. This 'R' claimant is active for Job Matches. At the time an individual registers for UC benefits and that individual is deemed to be a "Work Search NOT Required or 'C' claimant", no registration information is sent to the SCOTI system. But, upon this 'C' claimant being changed to an 'R' claimant, the INCOMPLETE registration is sent to the SCOTI system. At this time the claimant would need to complete the registration via Self Service or visit a One-Stop to complete the registration to become an ACTIVE participant in Job Matches. Claimants may also register in the SCOTI system by calling 1-877-OHIOJOB (1-877-644-6562) or register online at www.scoti.ohio.gov www.scoti.ohio.gov.

D.Self-Service Registration

With internet access, self-service registration for Wagner-Peyser labor exchange can be accomplished in the convenience of the job seeker's home, in a public library, a One-Stop center, or anywhere internet access is available. The job seeker may create an account online for services with the SCOTI LE system at www.scoti.ohio.gov. Once a job seeker establishes an account, the job seeker is registered. Information provided by the job seeker remains secure and private.

E.Staff-Assisted Registration

Staff-assisted services involve a job seeker who is registering for Wagner-Peyser LE services and needs assistance from staff to complete the registration process. If the job seeker desires assistance, or is unable to complete the registration process, assistance will be provided. This may require an interpreter because of a hearing impairment, language difference or other communication barrier. Recognizing which job seekers may have difficulty with the registration process is not always possible in advance. One-Stop staff should monitor the self-registration process that occurs in the One-Stop center to identify job seekers who are having difficulty and arrange for assistance.

Section 7(e) of the Wagner-Peyser Act requires One-Stops to provide staff-assisted LE services for registering for work, job search, resume writing, job interview, exploring occupational opportunities, obtaining information on job training or related support services. Specific LE services that will be provided must be described in the local area One-Stop system Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

One-Stop staff should accomplish the following:

  • Review and analyze the information provided by the job seeker to ensure all qualifications for employment are adequately presented and current;
  • Determine any needs the job seeker may have for employment counseling, selective placement or other services;
  • Give the job seeker any additional information that will increase the opportunity for placement;
  • Evaluate the occupationally significant facts about the job seeker and assign the appropriate O*NET Job Titles to reflect desired employment and any alternative occupations for which the job seeker may be qualified and/or interested; and
  • Collect all necessary information and update the SCOTI system to maintain accuracy and to avoid duplicated efforts.

F.Active and Inactive Status

A job seeker's registration stays active for 90 days without activity by the job seeker. After 90 days of inactivity, the registration will be automatically changed by the SCOTI LE system to an inactive status. Inactive status means the job seeker will no longer be included in a match. The SCOTI LE system generates a letter to the job seeker prior to deactivation informing the job seeker that he or she will need to contact the One-Stop center if he or she wishes to remain in active status to receive Wagner-Peyser labor exchange services. One-Stop staff assigned to perform LE functions can update the inactive status to active for a job seeker.

V.Technical Assistance

Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information Labor Exchange (SCOTI LE) System Training sessions

SCOTI Help Desk - Tel. # 1-888-2WORK-411, option 2

For additional information, you may send your questions to the Bureau of Employer Services-WIA: WIAQNA@odjfs.state.oh.us.


Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Public Law 105-220; WIA Final Rules, 20 CFR, Chapter V, Part 652.3