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WIATL 16 (Public Service Employment)
Workforce Investment Act Transmittal Letter No. 16
August 10, 2005
TO: Local Elected Officials, WIA Local Workforce Investment Boards, Administrative Entities, and One-Stop Operators
FROM: Barbara Riley, Director Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
SUBJECT: Prohibition on Public Service Employment (PSE) in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program


This communication provides guidance on the prohibition of Public Service Employment (PSE) activities in WIA. WIA administrative entities should convey this guidance to subrecipients and other entities that provide WIA activities and services.

II.Effective Date


III.Guidance Statements

WIA funds cannot be used for public service employment (PSE) except as specifically authorized for WIA National Emergency Grants.

Public service employment is work normally provided by governments, and includes, but is not limited to work (including part time work) in fields of: human betterment and community improvement often including environmental quality; child care; health care; education; crime prevention and control; prisoner rehabilitation; public transportation; creation and maintenance of public facilities, streets and parks; solid waste removal; pollution control; housing and neighborhood improvement; rural development; conservation and beautification; and alternative energy and technology development. Disaster relief employment is specifically authorized under WIA national emergency grants as an example of public service employment.

Generally, public service employment is partially or fully subsidized employment provided in the public or nonprofit sector to eligible individuals. Such employment is on a temporary, time-limited basis with the goal of providing income maintenance to participants and services for a community that would not have received such services, in the absence of the public service employment program. One objective is to move participants in public service employment to permanent, unsubsidized employment with the governmental unit offering the public service employment opportunity.

Refer to the Work Investment Act (WIA) Transmittal Letters #17 and #18 for work experience activities for adult and dislocated workers and youth respectively.

IV.Technical Assistance

For additional information, you may contact John Weber, Chief, Bureau of Workforce Services, at (614) 644-8836, or weberj@odjfs.state.oh.us.


Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Public Law 105.220, Subtitle D, Section 173 (d), Subtitle E, Section 195 (10) and WIA Final Rules, 20 CFR, Section 667.264 (2)