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WIATL 11 (Amended Income Guidance)
Workforce Investment Act Transmittal Letter No. 11
July 20, 2004
TO: Local Elected Officials and WIA Administrative Entities
FROM: Thomas J. Hayes, Director
SUBJECT: Amended Rule regarding Poverty Income Guidelines and Lower Living Standard Income Levels

WIA Rule 5101:9-30-03 has been amended and is attached. The purpose of the amendment was to delete paragraph (C) referencing Appendix A which was attached to the rule. Appendix A is rescinded because the poverty income guidelines and the lower living standard income levels have been revised and are revised annually. The poverty income guidelines and lower living standard income levels are used for determining eligibility and low income for programs operated under the Workforce Investment Act. Low income is used to determine eligibility for youth services and to prioritize adult individual training accounts when funds are limited.

There are separate time frames and federal agencies involved in issuing these two separate guidelines. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is responsible for and released the Federal Poverty Guidelines on February 13, 2004. The Secretary of Labor determines and released the lower living standard income levels on June 25, 2004, for Title I of the Workforce Investment Act.

From now on, once both income guidelines have been published in the Federal Register, ODJFS will post them electronically at www.ohioworkforce.org and send an e-mail broadcast alert. ODJFS will update income levels used by the Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI) reporting system to determine eligibility and utilize the most recent guidelines effective July 15 of each year.

You should replace the old rule with the amended rule. Appendix A of the rule is rescinded.