WIATL 40 (The waiver of the employer match requirement from 50% to a sliding scale with a minimum of 10% and the general requirements for Customized Training) WIATL 39 (House Bill 372 Incumbent Worker Training Program) WIATL 38 (Reporting Requirements for One-Stop Universal Customers) WIATL 37 (Common Measures Reporting) WIATL 36-A (ITA Obligations) WIATL 36 (ITA Obligations) WIATL 35 (Job Seeker Registration (Intake) in the Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI) Labor Exchange (LE) System) WIATL 34 (Delete Exit Procedures in Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (SCOTI)) WIATL 33 (Youth Services and Program Participation) WIATL 32-B (Ohio's Career Advancement Accounts) WIATL 32-A (Ohio's Career Advancement Accounts) WIATL 32 (Ohio's Career Advancement Accounts) WIATL 31 (Rapid Response Funded Needs-Related Payments to Dislocated Workers) WIATL 29 (Dislocated Worker Eligibility Determination for Locked-Out Workers) WIATL 27 (Source Documentation for WIA Eligibility) WIATL 26 (WIA Funds Rescission Policy) WIATL 25 (Salary and Bonus Limitations) WIATL 24 (Worker Profiling and ReEmployment Services (WPRS) and WIA Eligibility for Dislocated Workers) WIATL 23 (WIA Eligible Training Provider Online (ETPO) Procedure Guidance) WIATL 22C (Incumbent Worker Training with Local Formula Funds under Waiver Authority) WIATL 22B (Waiver Authority to Use 20% of the Adult and Dislocated Worker Formula Allocation for Incumbent Worker Training Program) WIATL 22A (Incumbent Worker Waiver) WIATL 22 (Incumbent Worker Waiver) WIATL 21A (Transfer of Funds Waiver) WIATL 21 (Transfer of Funds Waiver) WIATL 20A (Youth Program Element Waiver) WIATL 20 (Youth Program Element Waiver) WIATL 19A (Youth ITA Waiver) WIATL 19 (Youth ITA Waiver) WIATL 18 (Youth Work Experience) WIATL 17 (Adult/DW Work Experience) WIATL 16 (Public Service Employment) WIATL 15 (Post Placement and Follow-Up) WIATL 14 (WIA Services) WIATL 13 (Selective Service) WIATL 12 (Eliminating Duplicative Guidance) WIATL 11 (Amended Income Guidance) WIATL 10 (Mandatory SCOTI Usage) WIATL 9 (WIA Credential Guidance) WIATL 8 (WIA Youth Measures) WIATL 7 (Subsequent Eligibility Extension) WIATL 5 (Revised Income Guidance) WIATL 3 (Initial Eligibility of Training Providers) WIATL 2 (National Emergency Grant Applications) WIATL 1 (Firearm Purchases)