APM.8000. Performance Standards, Performance Allocations, and Sanctions APM.8600. Federal Sanctions APM.8601.-8609. Reserved APM.8610. Sanction - Failure to Report APM.8611. Sanction Period APM.8612. Sanction Amount APM.8613. Sanction Distribution APM.8613.1 Causal County Methodology APM.8614.-8619. Reserved APM.8620. Sanction - Failure To Comply With Five Year Limit APM.8621. Sanction Period APM.8622. Sanction Amount APM.8623. Sanction Distribution APM.8623.1 Causal County Methodology APM.8624.-8629. Reserved APM.8630. Sanction - Misuse of TANF Block Grant Funds APM.8631. Sanction Period APM.8632. Sanction Amount APM.8633. Sanction Distribution APM.8634.-8639. Reserved APM.8640. Sanction - Intentional Misuse Of Tanf Block Grant Funds APM.8641. Sanction Period APM.8642. Sanction Amount APM.8643. Sanction Distribution APM.8643.1 Causal County Methodology APM.8644.-8649. Reserved APM.8650. Sanction - Failure to Satisfy Work Participation Rates for All Families APM.8651. Sanction Period APM.8652. Sanction Amount APM.8653. Sanction Distribution APM.8654.-8659. Reserved APM.8660. Sanction - Failure To Satisfy Work Participation Rates For Two Parent Families APM.8661. Sanction Period APM.8662. Sanction Amount APM.8663. Sanction Distribution APM.8664.-8669. Reserved APM.8670. Sanction - Failure to Reduce Cash Assistance for Refusing Without Good Cause to Work APM.8671. Sanction Period APM.8672. Sanction Amount APM.8673. Sanction Distribution APM.8674.-8679. Reserved APM.8680. Sanction - Failure to Participate in IEVS APM.8681. Sanction Period APM.8682. Sanction Amount APM.8683. Sanction Distribution APM.8684.-8689. Reserved APM.8690. Sanction - Failure to Enforce Penalties for Not Cooperating With the CSEA APM.8691. Sanction Period APM.8692. Sanction Amount APM.8693. Sanction Distribution APM.8694.-8709. Reserved APM.8710. Sanction - Failure to Maintain Assistance to an Adult Single Custodial Parent Who Cannot Obtain Child Care for a Child Under Age Six APM.8711. Sanction Period APM.8712. Sanction Amount APM.8713. Sanction Distribution APM.8714.-8719. Reserved APM.8720. Sanction - Failure To Meet TANF Moe Requirement APM.8721. Sanction Period APM.8722. Sanction Amount APM.8723. Sanction Distribution APM.8724.-8729. Reserved APM.8730. Sanction - Failure to Expend Nonfederal Funds to Replace the Reduction in the TANF Block Grant Due to Assessment of a Sanction APM.8731. Sanction Period APM.8732. Sanction Amount APM.8733. Sanction Distribution APM.8734.-8739. Reserved APM.8740. Sanction - Failure to Meet TANF Moe Requirement During a Year in Which a Welfare to Work Formula Grant is Awarded APM.8741. Sanction Period APM.8742. Sanction Amount APM.8743. Sanction Distribution APM.8744.-8749. Reserved APM.8750. Sanction - Failure to Repay Federal Loan APM.8754.-8759. Reserved APM.8760. Sanction - Failure to Maintain 100% Historical Effort if Receiving Contingency Funds APM.8764.-8799. Reserved APM.9000. Miscellaneous Administration APM.9001.-9099. Reserved APM.9100. Human Resources Management APM.9101. Civil Service Law APM.9102. Personnel Records APM.9103.-9109. Reserved APM.9110. Civil Rights Plan APM.9111. Delegate Authority APM.9112. Civil Rights Training APM.9113. Civil Rights Notice APM.9114. Complaint/Grievance Policy and Procedures APM.9115. Assurances APM.9116. Monitoring APM.9117. Planning, Advisory, and Policy Boards APM.9118. Program Accessibility APM.9119. Recruitment and Employment APM.9120. Compliance Information APM.9121. ‑9199. Reserved APM.9200. Information Management APM.9201. ‑9209. Reserved APM.9210. Records Retention and Destruction APM.9211. Definitions APM.9212. Retention of Records APM.9213. Storage of Records APM.9214. Access to Records APM.9215. Destruction of Records APM.9216.-9219. Reserved APM.9220. Data Reproduction Mechanisms APM.9221. Destruction of Source Documents After Reproduction APM.9222. Reproduced Record Retention, Access, and Destruction APM.9223. Reimbursement for Reproduction APM.9224. Microfilming Board APM.9225.-9229. Reserved APM.9230. Photo Identification Cards APM.9231. ID Card Contracts APM.9232. Additional Equipment, Supplies, Repair and Maintenance APM.9233. Reporting Procedures APM.9234.-9239. Reserved APM.9240. Federal Tax Return Information Safeguarding Procedures APM.9241. Disclosure of Federal Tax Return Information APM.9242. Inspection of Safeguarding Procedures APM.9243. CDHS Safeguarding Requirements APM.9244. - 9299. Reserved APM.9300. Audit Objectives and Scope APM.9301. Audit Process APM.9302. Auditee Responsibility APM.9303. Audit Coordination APM.9304. Audit Conclusion APM.9305.-9499. Reserved APM.9500. County Family Services Agency Proposals for an Operational Agreement APM.9501. Statutory Parameters of an Operational Agreement APM.9502. Time Frames Applicable to Operational Agreements. APM.9503. Submission of a Proposal for an Operational Agreement APM.9504. Information Required From a Requesting County Agency APM.9505. Review of County Agency Proposal by ODJFS APM.9506. Approval or Disapproval of the Operational Agreement APM.9507-9699. Reserved APM.9700. Management Information Services APM.9701. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) APM.9702.-APM.9799. Reserved APM.9800. ODJFS Performance Standards APM.9810. County Input on Administrative Fiscal Impact of Rules and Manual Materials APM.9811. Timely Issuance of Rules and Manual Materials APM.9812. Timely Training or Technical Assistance for County Staff APM.9813. Timely Resolution of Requests for County Hearing Reviews APM.9814. Timely Response to County Requests for Policy Interpretations APM.9815. Timely Fiscal Reports APM.9816. Timely Allocation of Funds APM.9817. Timely Calculation and Issuance of County Advances APM.9818. Evaluating Quality and Delivery of Services Provided APM.9819. Provision of Information Services for Duties and Activities Included in a Partnership Agreement APM.9820-9999. Reserved