SHMTL 33 (State Hearings - Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program)
State Hearings Manual Transmittal Letter No. 33
July 21, 2016
TO: All State Hearings Manual Holders
FROM: Cynthia C. Dungey, Director
SUBJECT: State Hearings - Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program

This SHMTL contains one new rule in Chapter 5101:6-10, one amended rule each from Chapter 5101:6-2 and Chapter 5101:6-8 of the Administrative Code. A new form is also created. The effective date of these rules is July 25, 2016.

SHM 1000:

5101:6-2-04 "State Hearings: Prior Notice of Adverse Action." This rule describes when prior written notice is required based on an agency's action. The rule is being amended to allow electronic notification when it is permissible by federal or state law.

5101:6-8-01 "State Hearings: Administrative Appeal of the State Hearing Decision." This rule describes the process of requesting an administrative appeal. The rule is being amended to allow electronic submission of an administrative appeal request. Also, reference to an internal system form was removed.

5101:6-10-01 "State Hearings: Hearings for the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program." This new rule describes the process for requesting a hearing for services provided under the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP). The rule also describes the requirements for local agencies in preparing for a state hearing. Further appeal rights are also contained in this rule.


JFS 04086 "Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program Appeal Summary." This form provides instructions to local agencies in preparing a summary describing the actions taken on an individual's CCMEP case. The local agency is responsible to submit the JFS 04086 and relevant documentation to the Bureau of State Hearings completing demographic information about the customer, reasons for local agency actions or inactions, a timeframe or review dates for the individual opportunity plan required for CCMEP services, a description of the services provided and the funding used, regulations supporting the action, and notice date information, if applicable. Local agencies are required to provide a copy of the CCMEP appeal summary and any attachments to the appellant and the appellant's authorized representative at least three days in advance of the scheduled hearing.

SHM Instructions:

SHM.10005101:6‑2‑04 (2/28/14)5101:6‑2‑04 (7/25/16)
 5101:6‑8‑01 (2/28/14)5101:6‑8‑01 (7/25/16)
  5101:6‑10‑01 (7/25/16)
Forms JFS 04086 (7/2016)

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