SHMTL 23 (Postponement of the State Hearing)
State Hearings Manual Transmittal Letter No. 23
February 9, 2012
TO: State Hearings Manual (SHM) Holders
FROM: Michael B. Colbert, Director
SUBJECT: Postponement of the State Hearing

This letter transmits amendment to state hearings rule 5101:6-5-02 of the Administrative Code. The rule is being amended to provide clarification, update, and to bring consistency with requirements of law.

Rule 5101:6-5-02, entitled Postponement of the state hearing, sets forth the conditions under which an applicant for, or recipient of, services from ODJFS programs may request postponement of a state hearing. Changes have been made to paragraph (A)(1) to align with Revised Code requirements. The change to the rule clarifies the definition of postponement.


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SHM 1000
State Hearings Policy
Effective 9/1/08
Effective 2/16/12