State Hearings Manual Transmittal Letter No. 2
May 1, 1999
TO: State Hearings Manual Holders
FROM: Jacqueline Romer-Sensky, Director

As part of our ongoing review of State Hearings Rules, technical changes are being made to some of the State Hearings rules to not only reflect the current structure of the Bureau of State Hearings, but also to correct policies that had corresponding, or previously been changed in the other policy areas.

Various changes have been made to the hearings rules to reflect the current administration of the hearings program. Distinction in responsibilities have been removed when appropriate since the hearings sections are now a part of the Bureau of State Hearings.

Because of changes made in the penalties associated with OWF fraudulent assistance and IPV hearings, some changes have been made to the Administrative Disqualification Hearings regulations. Some technical changes have also been made to reflect the administration of the hearings process.

We have added some grounds for requesting a state hearing to reflect the recent policy changes made with regard to interjurisdictional adoptions issues.

These changes will be effective May 15, 1999.

The ODHS 7334 has been revised to reflect the current Mailing address for the Bureau of State Hearings, and will be available for ordering as soon as the print order can be filled. We have also requested having a supply of the ODHS 4058, Explanation of Administrative Disqualification Hearing Procedures and the ODHS 4059, Explanation of State Hearing Procedures printed. Not having these available, was an oversight.