5101:2-20-01 (Adult Protective Services Definitions) 5101:2-20-02 (Ohio Database for Adult Protective Services (ODAPS)) 5101:2-20-03 (Adult Protective Services Designated Agency Provisions) 5101:2-20-04 (Adult Protective Services Case Records) 5101:2-20-05 (Confidentiality and Dissemination of Adult Protective Services Information) 5101:2-20-06 (The County Adult Protective Services Memorandum of Understanding) 5101:2-20-07 (Education and In-Service Training Requirements for APS Caseworkers and Supervisors) 5101:2-20-11 (Adult Protective Services Screening) 5101:2-20-12 (Adult Protective Services Assessment and Investigation) 5101:2-20-13 (Adult Protective Services Third Party Investigation) 5101:2-20-14 (Requirement for Cross-Referring Reports of Elder Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation) 5101:2-20-16 (Case Planning and Case Review for Adult Protective Services) 5101:2-20-17 (Adult Protective Services Disaster Preparedness Plan Requirements) 5101:2-25-02 (Title XX Administration) 5101:2-25-03 (Title XX county profile.) 5101:2-25-07 (Title XX eligibility and reimbursement) 5101:2-33-70 (Ohio statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) access.) 5101:2-36-01 (Intake and Screening Procedures for Child Abuse, Neglect, Dependency and Family in Need of Services Reports; and Information and/or Referral Intakes) 5101:2-36-03 (PCSA Requirements for Intra-Familial Child Abuse and/or Neglect Assessment/Investigations) 5101:2-36-04 (PCSA Requirements for Conducting a Specialized Assessment/Investigation) 5101:2-36-05 (PCSA Requirements for Conducting Stranger Danger Investigations) 5101:2-36-06 (PCSA Requirements for a Deserted Child Assessment/Investigation) 5101:2-36-07 (PCSA requirement for Conducting an Assessment/Investigation of the Alleged Withholding of Medically Indicated Treatment From a Disabled Infant With Life-Threatening Conditions) 5101:2-36-08 (PCSA Requirements for Involving a Third Party in the Assessment/Investigation of a Child Abuse or Neglect Report) 5101:2-36-09 (Requirements for Dependent Child Assessments) 5101:2-36-10 (PCSA Requirements for Responding to Family in Need of Services Reports) 5101:2-36-11 (Extending Time Frames for Completion or Waiving Completion of Assessment/Investigation Activities) 5101:2-36-12 (PCSA requirements for cross-referring reports of child abuse and/or neglect.) 5101:2-36-13 (Intrastate and Interstate Referral Procedures for Children's Protective Services) 5101:2-36-14 (Protective Service Alert) 5101:2-36-20 (Public Children Services Agencies Assessment Requirements for Child Abuse and Neglect Reports In Alternative Response) 5101:2-37-01 (PCSA Requirements for Completing the Safety Assessment) 5101:2-37-02 (PCSA Requirements for Completing the Safety Plan) 5101:2-37-03 (PCSA Requirements for Completing the Family Assessment) 5101:2-37-04 (PCSA Requirements for Completing the Reunification Assessment) 5101:2-38-01 (Requirements for PCSA family case plan for in-home supportive services without court order.) 5101:2-38-02 (Protective Supervision by PCSAs) 5101:2-38-03 (Protective Supervision by PCPAs) 5101:2-38-04 (PCPA requirements for completing the semiannual administrative review.) 5101:2-38-05 (PCSA family case plan for children in custody or under protective supervision.) 5101:2-38-05.1 (PCSA requirements for completing a family case plan and review when a child is placed in a qualified residential treatment program (QRTP)) 5101:2-38-05.02 (PCSA family case plan requirements for kinship guardianship assistance program (KGAP)) 5101:2-38-06 (Required Contents of a PCPA Case Plan Document) 5101:2-38-07 (PCPA family case plan for children in custody or under court-ordered protective supervision.) 5101:2-38-08 (Child's Education and Health Information) 5101:2-38-09 (PCSA Requirements for Completing the Case Review) 5101:2-38-10 (PCSA requirements for completing the semiannual administrative review.) 5101:2-38-20 (PCSA Requirements for Providing On-Going Services In Alternative Response) 5101:2-39-01 (Removal of a Child from the Child's Own Home) 5101:2-39-03 (Emergency Removal of a Child from Substitute Care Placement) 5101:2-40-02 (Supportive Services for Prevention of Placement, Reunification and Life Skills) 5101:2-40-04 (Kinship permanency incentive (KPI) program.) 5101:2-40-05 (PCSA Requirements for Providing Family First Prevention Services) 5101:2-40-10 (The Ohio kinship and adoption navigator (OhioKAN) program) 5101:2-42-04 (Authority to Assume and Retain Custody of a Child) 5101:2-42-05 (Selection of a Placement Setting) 5101:2-42-06 ("Agreement for Temporary Custody of Child" (JFS 01645)) 5101:2-42-07 (Extension of "Agreement for Temporary Custody of Child" (JFS 01645)) 5101:2-42-08 (Acceptance of Temporary Custody by Agreement and Court-Approved Extensions) 5101:2-42-09 (Acceptance of Permanent Custody by Permanent Surrender) 5101:2-42-12 (Assessment to determine child's placement into a qualified residential treatment program) 5101:2-42-12.1 (Assessment for a child when a non-qualified residential treatment program meets qualified residential treatment program certification requirements) 5101:2-42-18 (PCSA and PCPA Approval of Placements with Relative and Nonrelative Substitute Caregivers) 5101:2-42-18.1 (Non-discrimination requirements for foster care placements.) 5101:2-42-18.2 (Kinship support program) 5101:2-42-19 (Requirements for the provision of independent living services to youth in custody.) 5101:2-42-19.1 (Requirements for Independent Living Arrangements for Independent Living Youth in Custody) 5101:2-42-19.2 (Requirements for provision of independent living services to young adults who have emancipated.) 5101:2-42-20 (Resource family bill of rights) 5101:2-42-60 (Placement Services for Infants of Incarcerated Mothers) 5101:2-42-64 (Preplacement Services) 5101:2-42-65 (Caseworker Visits and Contacts with Children in Substitute Care) 5101:2-42-65.1 (Exit Interviews When a Child In Custody Leaves an Out of Home Placement) 5101:2-42-66 (Administrative Procedures for Comprehensive Health Care for Children in Placement) 5101:2-42-66.1 (Comprehensive health care for children in placement.) 5101:2-42-66.2 (Documentation of Comprehensive Health Care for Children In Placement) 5101:2-42-67 (Preparation of Lifebook) 5101:2-42-68 (Necessity for Continued Substitute Care Placement: Court Reviews and Hearing Requirements) 5101:2-42-70 (Provision of Services to Unmarried Minor Parents) 5101:2-42-71 (Approval of Adult-Supervised Living Arrangements) 5101:2-42-87 (Termination of Substitute Care and Custody of a Child) 5101:2-42-88 (Requirements when a Child in Substitute Care Disrupts from Placement or is Absent Without Leave (AWOL)) 5101:2-42-89 (Private child placing agency procedures when a child in agency custody dies) 5101:2-42-90 (Information to be Provided to Children, Caregivers, School Districts and Juvenile Courts) 5101:2-42-92 (Visitation for Child in Temporary Custody) 5101:2-42-93 (Change of placement or visitation plan prior to journalization of case plan.) 5101:2-42-95 (Obtaining Permanent Custody: Termination of Parental Rights) 5101:2-48-02 (Putative Father Registry) 5101:2-48-03 (Requirement of "Social and Medical History") 5101:2-48-05 (Agency adoption policy and recruitment plan.) 5101:2-48-06 (Assessor Roles and Responsibilities for Foster Care and Adoption) 5101:2-48-08 (Adoption inquiry.) 5101:2-48-09 (Application process and preservice training.) 5101:2-48-10 (Restrictions Concerning Provision of Adoption Services) 5101:2-48-11 (Approval of a Foster Home for Adoptive Placement) 5101:2-48-11.1 (Foster Caregiver Adoption of a Foster Child or Sibling Group Who has Resided with the Caregiver for At Least Six Consecutive Months) 5101:2-48-12 (Completion of the adoption homestudy.) 5101:2-48-12.1 (Adoption Homestudy Updates) 5101:2-48-12.2 (Required Notification and Adoption Homestudy Amendments) 5101:2-48-13 (Non-discrimination requirements for adoptive placements.) 5101:2-48-15 (Provision of Information to a Prospective Adoptive Parent Matched with a Specific Child) 5101:2-48-16 (Adoption preplacement and placement procedures.) 5101:2-48-17 (Assessor Visits and Contacts with Children in Adoptive Homes Prior to Finalization) 5101:2-48-18 (Postfinalization Services) 5101:2-48-19 (Sharing and Transferring an Adoptive Homestudy) 5101:2-48-20 (Release of Identifying and Nonidentifying Information) 5101:2-48-21 (Child Study Inventory) 5101:2-48-22 (Adoptive family case record.) 5101:2-48-23 (Preservation of Adoptive Child Case Record) 5101:2-48-24 (Agency adoption review procedures.) 5101:2-50-01 (Bridges definitions.) 5101:2-50-02 (Requirements for bridges eligibility.) 5101:2-50-03 (Bridges termination and reentry.) 5101:2-50-04 (Bridges Title IV-E eligibility and reimbursability determination) 5101:2-50-05 (Bridges appeal process) 5101:2-50-06 (Bridges approved supervised independent living settings and visitation requirements.) 5101:2-50-07 (Bridges assessment, plan and review.) 5101:2-50-08 (Case records for bridges.) 5101:2-52-04 (PCSA Responsibilities for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) 5101:2-52-06 (Requirements Applicable to Interstate Placement of Children when the PCPA, PNA, or Court is the Receiving Agency) 5101:2-52-08 (Interstate Placement Requirements for Ohio Parents, Legal Guardians, or Private Entities when Placing a Child into Another State or Territory for Adoption) 5101:2-52-10 (Interstate placement requirements for Ohio courts, parents, or legal guardians when placing a child in a residential placement in another state or territory.) 5101:2-53-01 (Definitions related to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).) 5101:2-53-02 (General provisions of the Indian child welfare act (ICWA).) 5101:2-53-03 (Determination of Indian status, tribal eligibility and membership) 5101:2-53-04 (Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) notice requirements.) 5101:2-53-05 (Voluntary agreement for temporary custody of Indian child.) 5101:2-53-06 (Emergency removal and involuntary custody of Indian children.) 5101:2-53-07 (Permanent surrender or parental consent to adoptive placement of Indian children.) 5101:2-53-08 (Placement preference of Indian children.) 5101:2-53-09 (Procedures for the transfer of Indian children to a tribal court, a tribal Title IV-E agency or an Indian tribe with a Title IV-E agreement.)