5101:2-5-02 (Application for an Agency to Perform Specific Functions; Amended Applications) 5101:2-5-03 (Certification of an Agency to Perform Specific Functions) 5101:2-5-04 (Recertification of an Agency to Perform Specific Functions) 5101:2-5-04.1 (Acceptance of Accreditation in Lieu of Certification Requirements) 5101:2-5-05 (Agency Appeal of Findings of Noncompliance) 5101:2-5-06 (Corrective Action Plans) 5101:2-5-07 (Denial or Revocation of an Agency's Certificate or Certification to Perform Specific Functions; Temporary Certificates) 5101:2-5-08 (PCPA and PNA Governance and Administration) 5101:2-5-09 (Personnel and Prohibited Convictions for Employment) 5101:2-5-09.1 (Criminal Records Check Required for Certain Prospective Employees and Certified Foster Caregivers) 5101:2-5-10 (Child Records) 5101:2-5-11 (Complaint Handling) 5101:2-5-13 (Required Agency Policies, Plans and Procedures) 5101:2-5-13.1 (Disaster Preparedness Plan Requirements) 5101:2-5-14 (Treatment or Diagnostic Services) 5101:2-5-15 (Volunteers, Interns and Subcontractors) 5101:2-5-16 (Consideration to be Given to Child's Religion, Beliefs and Practices) 5101:2-5-17 (Discharge Summary) 5101:2-5-18 (Waivers and Variances) 5101:2-5-20 (Initial Application and Completion of the Foster Care Homestudy) 5101:2-5-22 (Recommendations for Initial Foster Home Certification) 5101:2-5-24 (Foster Home Recertifications) 5101:2-5-25 (Changing the Certification of a Foster Caregiver from One Type of Foster Home to Another) 5101:2-5-26 (Procedures for revocation, denial of initial certification or denial of recertification of a foster home certificate.) 5101:2-5-27 (Agency Procedure for the Termination of a Foster Home Certificate) 5101:2-5-28 (Agency Cause for Denial of Initial Certification, Denial of Recertification or Revocation of a Foster Home Certificate) 5101:2-5-29 (Agency Requirements for Foster Home Records) 5101:2-5-30 (Foster Care Amendments) 5101:2-5-31 (Sharing or Transfer of a Foster Home) 5101:2-5-32 (Occupancy Limitations and Accessibility) 5101:2-5-33 (Foster Caregiver Preplacement and Continuing Training) 5101:2-5-34 (PCPA and PNA Case Plans and Administrative Case Reviews for Direct Placements) 5101:2-5-35 (Foster Youth Bill of Rights) 5101:2-5-36 (Additional Requirements for an Agency that Acts as a Representative of ODJFS in Recommending Treatment Foster Homes for Certification) 5101:2-5-37 (Additional Requirements for an Agency that Acts as a Representative of ODJFS in Recommending Medically Fragile Foster Homes for Certification) 5101:2-5-38 (Payment of Foster Caregiver Training Stipends; Reimbursement of Training Allowances to Recommending Agencies) 5101:2-5-40 (Preplacement and Continuing Training Programs) 5101:2-7-02 (General Requirements for Foster Caregivers and Applicants) 5101:2-7-03 (The Care and Treatment Team) 5101:2-7-04 (Records and Confidentiality) 5101:2-7-05 (Sleeping Arrangements) 5101:2-7-06 (Meals) 5101:2-7-07 (Health Services) 5101:2-7-08 (Alternative care arrangements.) 5101:2-7-09 (Care, Supervision and Discipline) 5101:2-7-10 (Care of a Foster Child Under Age Two) 5101:2-7-11 (Socialization and Education) 5101:2-7-12 (Site and Safety Requirements for a Foster Home) 5101:2-7-13 (Foster Home Certificate) 5101:2-7-14 (Required Notification) 5101:2-7-15 (Transportation) 5101:2-7-16 (Additional Requirements for a Treatment Foster Caregiver and a Treatment Foster Home) 5101:2-7-17 (Additional Requirements for a Foster Caregiver for Medically Fragile Children and a Medically Fragile Foster Home) 5101:2-9-02 (Staffing Requirements) 5101:2-9-03 (Staff Development and Evaluation) 5101:2-9-04 (General Maintenance of a Residential Facility) 5101:2-9-05 (Requirements for Residential Parenting Facility and Crisis Care Facility Furniture, Materials and Equipment; Diaper Changing) 5101:2-9-06 (General Safety) 5101:2-9-07 (Emergency Planning and Preparedness) 5101:2-9-08 (Fire Safety) 5101:2-9-09 (Emergency Medical Plan and First Aid Supplies) 5101:2-9-10 (Storage of Hazardous Materials) 5101:2-9-11 (Admissions and Admissions Log) 5101:2-9-12 (Service Plans) 5101:2-9-14 (Medications) 5101:2-9-15 (Residential Facility Handbook for Residents and their Families) 5101:2-9-16 (Visiting and Communications) 5101:2-9-17 (Child's Money) 5101:2-9-18 (Recreation and Leisure Activities and Equipment) 5101:2-9-19 (Personal Belongings, Hygiene, Socialization, and Education) 5101:2-9-20 (Food and Nutrition) 5101:2-9-21 (Care, Supervision and Discipline) 5101:2-9-22 (Isolation, Seclusion and Restraint) 5101:2-9-23 (Notification and Documentation of Critical Incidents) 5101:2-9-24 (Child and Family Complaint Policy and Procedure) 5101:2-9-25 (Residential Parenting Facility and Crisis Care Facility Location and Programmatic Requirements) 5101:2-9-26 (Living Rooms, Dining Areas and Lounges) 5101:2-9-28 (Bedrooms) 5101:2-9-29 (Bathrooms) 5101:2-9-30 (Kitchens and Kitchen Supplies) 5101:2-9-31 (Laundry Facilities) 5101:2-9-32 (Transportation) 5101:2-9-34 (Building Approval) 5101:2-9-35 (Additional Programmatic Requirements Regarding Behavior Management) 5101:2-9-36 (Additional Requirements for Children's Crisis Care Facilities) 5101:2-9-37 (Information to be Provided by Residential Facilities) 5101:2-9-38 (Community Engagement Plan for Residential Facilities) 5101:2-9-40 (Private, Nonprofit Therapeutic Wilderness Camps) 5101:2-9-42 (Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP))