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FCASMTL 93A (ODHS 1821 - Archive)
Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letter No. 93A
September 25, 1998
TO: Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Arnold R. Tompkins, Director
SUBJECT: Revision to ODHS 1821 Form Entitled "Final Title XX Services Plan"

This letter transmits revised ODHS 1821 "Title XX County Profile" which replaces ODHS 1821 "Final Title XX Services Plan." Instructions are also included for completion of the ODHS 1821. The revisions are a result of the new Title XX rules (FCASMTL No. 93) that went into effect on August 1, 1998. House Bill 408 (H.B. 408) initiated major changes to the Social Services Block Grant. The Administrative Code rules that govern the Title XX program had to be revised to be in compliance with H.B. 408. The ODHS 1821 reflects changes set forth in the new rules.