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FCASMTL 46 (Reissuance of FCASM - Archive)
Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letter No. 46
September 15, 1995
TO: All Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Arnold R. Tompkins, Director
SUBJECT: Reissuance of the Family, Children and Adult Services Manual

Due to the numerous issuances of Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letters and Procedures Letters, the department is reissuing the Family, Children and Adult Services Manual (FCASM) in its entirety. The enclosed manual reflects the current version of all manual sections and forms. NO POLICY CHANGES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS ISSUANCE. Tab dividers and the Subject Index will be forwarded under separate cover.

The manual format remains similar to the former version. The Roman numeral chapter designations have been removed; however, it is still divided into chapters and sections. Two additional chapters, Licensing and State Hearings have been added. One section, Family Foster Home Recruitment, has been removed. Several sections have been renamed and new sections were added. The new Licensing chapter has three sections titled Agency, Family Foster Home and Children's Residential Centers. The Bureau of State Hearings will be responsible for maintaining the State Hearings chapter which will be self-contained. That chapter will contain the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) for State Hearings relating to Family, Children and Adult Services Programs, the OAC index and the related State Hearing forms. State Hearings will not be referenced in the Rules or Subject Indexes or in the Forms Section of the FCASM.

In the Definitions chapter, sections for Adult Services and Licensing have been added. In the Management and Administration Chapter, the section previously titled Prevention Services has been renamed Children's Trust Fund. In the Social Services Chapter, the section previously titled Social Services to Family and Children has been renamed Supportive Services; the section previously titled Social Services to Family, Children and Adult (Title XX) has been renamed Title XX; and the section previously titled Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program has been renamed Refugee Services. New sections were added for Indian Child Welfare and Interstate/Intrastate.

An index of all Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letters (FCASMTL) and their previous cover letters are located in the section labeled FCASMTL. The Procedure Letter Section contains an index of all previously issued Family, Children and Adult Services Procedure Letters (FCASPL) as well as copies of all currently effective FCASPLs. All rules currently effective that were previously transmitted via FCASPLs in OAC format are now contained in the appropriate section of the manual. The Procedure Letter index will list those affected Procedure Letters as obsolete.

In July 1994, the Office of Fiscal Services implemented the ODHS 2820 Children Services Monthly Financial Statement for reporting revenues and disbursements. Although some of the OACs included in this transmittal still contain references to previously existing financial reporting requirements, no forms that were obsoleted by the ODHS 2820 are included in this transmittal and all forms contained in the Administrative Procedure Manual are removed from this issuance. The Administrative Procedure Manual contains all current instructions for fiscal reporting.

This issuance does not contain the following OAC's which expired or were rescinded.

  • OAC 5101:2-32-03 Title XX Purchase of Training Definition of Terms (rescinded 8/15/91).
  • OAC 5101:2-33-061 Report and Evaluation of Children Services (expired 6/1/94)
  • OAC 5101:2-39-80 Phase-in for Children Served by a PCSA (expired 1/1/90).
  • OAC 5101:2-39-81 Phase in for Children Served by a PCPA (expired 1/1/90)
  • OAC 5101:2-47-43 Permanent Custody and Adoptive Placement (rescinded 5/94)

This issuance does contain two rules that were not previously issued in OAC manual format; however, information about them was contained in Procedure Letters 30 and 30A.

  • OAC 5101:2-47-54 Financial Reimbursement Under Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance.
  • OAC 5101:2-47-57 Children in Receipt of SSI.

All Social Services Instruction Memorandum (SSIMs) not previously obsoleted are now obsolete. With this issuance, the department will cease using SSIMs.

Any questions regarding the information or instructions in this letter should be directed to your district social services coordinator or licensing specialist.