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FCASMTL 141 (5101:2-5-19 and 5101:2-9-35 - Archive)
Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letter No. 141
July 14, 2003
TO: Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Thomas J. Hayes, Director
SUBJECT: Revisions to Two Children Services Licensing Rules

This letter transmits two amended Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules governing children services licensing that have been made as a result of the five year rule review process. The revisions are viewed as minor changes.

OAC 5101:2-5-19 Variances was amended to: change the name of department from ODHS to ODJFS throughout the rule; specify in paragraphs (B), (C), and (D) that variance requests must be submitted on agency letterhead; list in paragraph (D) the appropriate name of the bureau within ODJFS to which agencies are to send any variance requests; change in paragraph (F) the word "granting" to "approval"; specify in paragraph (G) that should the terms or conditions of a variance be violated or otherwise become nullified by situation or a change in the applicable Administrative Code rule, the variance shall be rescinded.

OAC 5101:2-9-35 Additional programmatic requirements regarding behavior management was amended to clarify in (B) that only those agencies which allow the use of isolation or restraint need to collect and review the monthly aggregate data that is otherwise required by the rule.


The following chart depicts what materials are to be removed from the Family, Children and Adult Services Manual (FCASM) and what materials are to be inserted in the FCASM.

Children's Residential Centers5101:2-9-355101:2-9-35
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