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FCASMTL 105 (FYR of FCL, FCM Rules - Archive)
Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letter No. 105
July 12, 2000
TO: Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Jacqueline Romer-Sensky, Director
SUBJECT: New Ohio Administrative Code Rule for Children Services Licensing; Miscellaneous Amendments to Other Ohio Administrative Code Rules for Children Services Licensing and Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance and Adoption Assistance; and Rescission of Four Rules.

The Ohio Revised Code Section 119 requires the Ohio Department of Human Services to review each of its administrative rules every five years. This section of law requires the review of all state agency rules within a five year period with at least one fifth of each department's rules being reviewed each year. As a result of a review of children services licensing rules, Title IV-E foster care maintenance and adoption assistance rules the department has amended several existing Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules.

In addition, two O.A.C. rules were combined to create one rule 5101:2-42-90 entitled "Information to be provided to caregivers, school district and juvenile court; information to be included in Individual Child Care agreement". By combining these two rules allowed the rescission of one rule and created the need to amend two other rules.

Three of the rules reviewed during this process will be refiled at a later date. The refiling of the three rules was the result of comments received during the promulgation process. This letter transmits the results of the five year review.