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FCASMTL 102 (5101:2-35-77 - Archive)
Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Transmittal Letter No. 102
December 28, 1999
TO: All Family, Children and Adult Services Manual Holders
FROM: Jacqueline Romer-Sensky, Director
SUBJECT: Procedures for Intervening in Cases Involving Alleged Withholding of Appropriate Nutrition, Hydration, Medication or Medically Indicated Treatment from Disabled Infants with Life-Threatening Conditions.

This transmits the amended Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule governing cases involving alleged withholding of appropriate nutrition, hydration, medication or medically indicated treatment (hereinafter referred to as "alleged withholding") from a disabled infant with life threatening conditions as referenced in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule 5101:2-35-77.

You will notice a change in the format of the rule included in this MTL. We are making the change in the rule format to comply with the Ohio Legislative Service Commission requirements. Additionally, this change will simplify the paperwork needed to file administrative code rules. Therefore, in the future all rules issued for inclusion in the Family, Children and Adult Services Manual will be in this format.