5101:12-50-10 (Income Withholding or Income Deduction) 5101:12-50-10.1 (Income That May Be Withheld or Deducted) 5101:12-50-10.2 (CSEA's Responsibility for Income Withholding and Income Deduction) 5101:12-50-10.8 (Withholding from Unemployment Compensation Benefits Initiated by a Child Support Enforcement Agency) 5101:12-50-12 (Lump Sum Payments) 5101:12-50-15 (Cash Bonds) 5101:12-50-17 (Seek work orders.) 5101:12-50-19 (Investigation of Obligor's Source of Income or Status of Account) 5101:12-50-20 (State Income Tax Refund Offset Program) 5101:12-50-20.1 (Pre-Offset Notice and Income Tax Refund Offset Review) 5101:12-50-20.2 (Overdue Support) 5101:12-50-20.3 (Overpaid Child Support) 5101:12-50-30 (Federal Offset Program) 5101:12-50-32 (Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Program) 5101:12-50-32.1 (Submission Criteria) 5101:12-50-32.2 (The Federal Match Process and Pre-Offset Notice) 5101:12-50-32.3 (Adding, Updating, and Deleting Obligors from the Ohio Tax Offset File) 5101:12-50-32.4 (Rejected Submissions) 5101:12-50-32.5 (Administrative Offset Review of Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Program Submittals) 5101:12-50-32.6 (The Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Process) 5101:12-50-32.7 (Service Fee) 5101:12-50-32.8 (Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Reports) 5101:12-50-32.9 (Federal Adjustments, State Payments, and Recovery of Disbursed Federal Tax Offset Collections) 5101:12-50-32.10 (Joint Refunds) 5101:12-50-34 (Passport Denial and Reinstatement) 5101:12-50-50 (Judicial enforcement actions.) 5101:12-50-55 (Extradition of Obligors) 5101:12-50-65 (Office of child support poster program.) 5101:12-50-65.1 (Child support enforcement agency poster program.) 5101:12-50-90 (Additional Authority to Collect Arrearages) 5101:12-50-99 (Chapter 5101:12-50 Forms - Enforcement of the Support Order)