CCMTL 114 (Rule Revisions for Income Eligibility and Copayments for Publicly Funded Child Care)
Child Care Manual Transmittal Letter No. 114
October 7, 2011
TO: All Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Michael B. Colbert, Director
SUBJECT: Rule Revisions for Income Eligibility and Copayments for Publicly Funded Child Care

Two child care eligibility rules that were recently filed as emergency changes have been permanently amended through the regular rule-filing process. Several of these changes are a result of the passage of Ohio's biennial budget, Am. Sub. H.B.153 of the 129thGeneral Assembly. The following changes will be effective on September 29, 2011:

Implementation of the 2011 federal poverty levels (FPL) for the monthly income standards for child care eligibility.

Decrease in the initial monthly income eligibility limit from 150% FPL to 125% FPL. Families will remain eligible for child care benefits with monthly incomes up to 200% FPL.

Implementation of a sixty-day reinstatement period following termination of benefits, under certain conditions.

Adjustment of monthly copayment amounts due to the increase in the monthly income standards and addition of a weekly copayment calendar due to the ongoing implementation of the electronic child care system (Ohio ECC).

Effective September 29, 2011, the income standards in the appendix to rule 5101:2-16-30 shall be used to determine eligibility for child care benefits. Copayments shall be assigned according to the amounts shown in the appendix to rule 5101:2-16-39.

Following is a summary of the changes in each rule.

Rule 5101:2-16-30 entitled "Eligibility requirements for receipt of publicly funded child care benefits" is being amended to add the definitions of full time, part-time and hourly authorizations; to clarify eligibility for a child in a Head Start program; to change the eligibility income standards in the appendix; and to allow a sixty-day eligibility reinstatement period following termination under certain conditions.

Rule 5101:2-16-39 entitled "Copayment for publicly funded child care" is being amended to describe the effective date of a copayment change at the time of a redetermination; to describe the distribution of the family copayment among all children receiving care in a week; to delete language regarding fees; to clarify existing language; and to change the monthly copayment chart and add the weekly copayment chart in the appendix.

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INSTRUCTIONS: The following chart identifies the material that needs to be removed from and inserted into the Child Care Manual.

CCM5101:2‑16‑30 and Appendix
5101:2‑16‑39 and Appendices
5101:2‑16‑30 and Appendix
5101:2‑16‑39 and Appendices
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