CCMTL 104 (Child Care 2-16 Rules eff. 10/21/2009)
Child Care Manual Transmittal Letter No. 104
October 27, 2009
TO: All Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Douglas E. Lumpkin, Director
SUBJECT: Child Care Eligibility Rule Changes - Permanent Rules

This letter transmits the permanent revisions of rules for child care as a result of the passage of Am. Sub. H. B. 1 of the 128th General Assembly. These changes were filed as emergency rules on July 23, 2009. These rules will be effective on October 21, 2009.

Families who are initially eligible at 150% FPL shall remain income-eligible until their income exceeds 200% FPL. A family's income at redetermination shall be at or below 200% of the FPL.

In rule 5101:2-16-30 language for protective child care and for homeless protective child care has been clarified.

The six-month copayment review requirement has been removed from rule 5101:2-16-39 and adjustments have been made to the family copayment amounts based on the 2009 federal poverty levels.

The rule changes are summarized below:

Rule 5101:2-16-01 entitled "Definitions for eligibility for publicly funded child care benefits" has been amended to clarify definitions for adult, child, federal poverty level and head start/child care partnership programs. A definition of school hours has been added. The definition for state median income has been deleted.

Rule 5101:2-16-07 entitled "County department of job and family services administrative responsibilities for determining eligibility for publicly funded child care benefits" has been amended to reformat for plain language, to remove references to the Early Learning Initiative (ELI), to clarify CDJFS reporting requirements, to update the revision dates of forms and to add an appendix entitled "3299/CCIDS Reporting Calendar - SFY 2010."

Rule 5101:2-16-30 entitled "Eligibility requirements for receipt of publicly funded child care benefits" has been amended to reduce the initial eligibility maximum monthly family income from 200% of the FPL to 150% FPL in the appendix, to clarify language for verification of citizenship, to add Food Assistance and Employment Training Program activities as qualified activities for child care eligibility. Language for eligibility for protective homeless child care and child care/head start partnership programs has been clarified and language has been added to require that the copayments be waived for protective child care.

Rule 5101:2-16-39 entitled "Copayment for publicly funded child care" has been amended to remove the requirement for a six-month redetermination of copayment, to update the copayment chart and to add a copayment calendar.

Rule 5101:2-16-44 entitled "County department of job and family services requirements for the purchase of child care services" has been amended to update the revision dates of forms.

Rule 5101:2-16-55 entitled "Use of the JFS 01140 'Certificate of Authorization for Payment of Publicly Funded Child Care Services (COAP)' to contract with providers" has been amended to clarify language and update the revision dates of forms.

The JFS 01140 "Certificate of authorization for payment of publicly funded child care services" has been revised to add language regarding the liability insurance requirement for type A and type B home providers.

JFS forms can be found online at: The electronic version of the Child Care Manual is located at: The manual contains all of the forms that the department issues for child care programs.

Please contact the Office of Families and Children Help Desk at 1-866-886-3537, option 4 if you have questions regarding this information.

INSTRUCTIONS: The following chart identifies the material that needs to be removed from the Child Care Manual (CCM) and materials that are to be inserted into the CCM.

CCM Rules5101:2‑16‑015101:2‑16‑01
and appendix
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Child Care Manual AppendixJFS 01140
(Rev. 1/2007)
JFS 01140
(Rev. 10/2009)
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