CCCMPL 29 (Update for Temporary Pandemic School-Age Child Care Center Requirements)
Child Care Center Manual Procedure Letter No. 29
September 14, 2020
TO: All Child Care Center Manual Holders
FROM: Kimberly Hall, Director
SUBJECT: Update for Temporary Pandemic School-Age Child Care Center Requirements


Effective August 25, 2020, changes in policy were implemented to allow the licensing of temporary pandemic school-age child care centers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the need for care during school hours for school-agers who are using the remote learning or hybrid models for education. 

Temporary pandemic school-age child care centers shall follow all of the licensing requirements of Chapter 5101:2-12 with the exceptions detailed in 5101:2-12-02.3.

Updated Requirement:

In addition to the exceptions and additions detailed in 5101:2-12-02.3, the following requirements do not have to be met prior to obtaining a temporary pandemic school-age child care center license.  Requirements listed below must be completed within thirty days of becoming licensed or by December 31, 2020, whichever comes first:

  • Rule 5101:2-12-02
    o  Complete the required pre-licensing training, if not taken in the prior two years.

  • Rule 5101:2-12-07
    o  Create and submit the written policies and procedures for parents and employees and provide this information to parents and all employees.

  • Rule 5101:2-12-10:
    o  Have at least one child care staff member on site (in each building) during all hours of operation who is currently trained in:
    • First Aid
    • CPR
    • Management of communicable disease
    • Child abuse recognition and prevention six-hour training

  • Rule 5101:2-12-16:
    o Post a written plan for medical, dental and general emergencies
    o   Post a fire and weather alert plan
    o   Develop a written disaster plan


Please contact the Child Care Policy Helpdesk at 1-877-302-2347, option 4, if you have any questions about the new policy.