5101:4-3-03 (Food assistance: nonfinancial eligibility standard-residency.) 5101:4-3-06 (Food assistance: victims of trafficking.) 5101:4-3-07 (Food Assistance: Citizenship, Alien Status, and Reporting Illegal Aliens) 5101:4-3-09 (Food assistance: Ohio Works First Assistance Groups) 5101:4-3-11 (Food assistance: work registration and exemptions.) 5101:4-3-11.1 (Food assistance: work registration requirements.) 5101:4-3-11.2 (Food Assistance: Work Registration Sanctions and Compliance) 5101:4-3-19 (Food Assistance : Voluntary Quit and Reduction of Work Effort) 5101:4-3-20 (Food assistance: able-bodied adults without dependents.) 5101:4-3-20.1 (Food assistance: regaining eligibility.) 5101:4-3-22 (Food assistance: nonfinancial eligibility standard-social security numbers.) 5101:4-3-24 (Food assistance: good cause for failure to comply in providing a social security number.) 5101:4-3-29 (Food assistance employment and training: case management.) 5101:4-3-30 (Food assistance employment and training program.) 5101:4-3-31 (Food assistance employment and training: required hours.) 5101:4-3-32 (Food assistance employment and training: supportive services.) 5101:4-3-33 (Food Assistance Employment and Training: Supervised Job Search) 5101:4-3-34 (Food Assistance Employment and Training: Work Experience Program) 5101:4-3-34.1 (Food Assistance: Work Experience Program Participation and Overpayments) 5101:4-3-35 (Food Assistance Employment and Training: Education and Training Activities) 5101:4-3-36 (Food assistance employment and training: displacement of other persons.) 5101:4-3-38 (Food Assistance Employment and Training: Conciliation Process) 5101:4-3-39 (Food assistance employment and training: job retention) 5101:4-3-40 (Food assistance employment and training: work-based learning)