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PAMTL 417 (July 1, 2000 Application Processing Changes)
Public Assistance Manual Transmittal Letter No. 417
July 1, 2000

Policy changes in this MTL are effective July 1, 2000. This cover letter includes a summary statement of each policy change. Each statement references the clearance control number (CCN) assigned when the policy change was placed in the clearance process.


Rule 5101:1-2-01 - Applications and the Application Process for OWF, DA and RRP

As a result of an administrative decision to begin the process of creating a Medicaid specific manual, rules pertaining to application processing of Medicaid assistance groups have been removed from rules in Chapter 1000 and will now be found in Chapter 5101:1-38 of the Administrative Code (Chapter 7000 of the Public Assistance Manual).

All references to application processing of Medicaid assistance groups have been removed from this rule, and will be found in new rule 5101:1-38-012. The list of items to be included in the application packet now reflect new brochures produced by the Office of Communications.

Information regarding the requirement of the CDJFS to offer and to provide an interpreter at no cost to the assistance group has been added in order to comply with Title VI of the Social Security Act (Civil Rights). The CDJFS shall not require the assistance group to use friends or family members as interpreters. However, a family member or friend may be used as an interpreter if this approach is requested by the assistance group member and the use of such a person would not compromise the effectiveness of services or violate the assistance group member's confidentiality, and the assistance group member is advised that a free interpreter is available.

To promote outreach for the Child Care Program, new ODJFS form 1139 "Child Care Application Addendum" has been created. This form is to be included in the application and reapplication packet. When the assistance group member completes the ODJFS 1139, it is recommended that the CDJFS worker include copies of the assistance group's income and forward the application addendum to the appropriate child care eligibility worker. Further instructions on the processing of the application addendum by the child care eligibility worker will be issued in a future guidance letter.

All references to the County Department of Human Services have been changed to the County Department of Job and Family Services in light of the July 1, 2000 merger. (CCN 4583)

Rule5101:1-2-20- OWF/DA/RRP - Verification and Reporting Requirements

The only change to this rule is the removal of all references to Medicaid. New rule 5101:1-38-02 reflects the verification and reporting requirements for the Medicaid program. (CCN 4583)

PAM Sections 1600 - 1600.3 - Group Health Insurance

PAM Sections 1600 and subsections are being removed from the PAM. The rule relating to Group Health Insurance has been rescinded.


Rule 5101:1-38-012 - Medicaid and Covered Families and Children: Application Process

New rule 5101:1-38-012 provides the regulations relating to the application process for Medicaid. This rule is similar to the information contained in rule 5101:1-2-01. This rule also includes information regarding the requirement that the CDJFS provide an interpreter and a list of the required information, including the Child Care Application Addendum, that must be issued with each application and reapplication. A significant change in the application process is that the CPA will also be used as an application for assistance for Low-Income Families (LIF) Medicaid. Information has been added about the use of the ODHS 2398 "Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Referral." ODHS 2399 "Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Referral," and ODHS 7120 "Optional State Supplement Referral" forms that are used in conjunction with the application forms.

OAC rule 5101:1-39-13 regarding the intent to file an application via an ODHS 2453 is being rescinded. The information is included in new rule 5101:1-38-012 on application processing. PAM Sections 1015.2 through 1015.5 are being removed from Chapter 1000. The information in these sections is included in rule 5101:1-38-012. (CCN 4569)

Rule 5101:1-38-02 - Medicaid and Covered Families and Children: Verification and Reporting Requirements

New rule 5101:1-30-02 provides the verification and reporting requirements for Medicaid. Significant changes have been made in the verification requirements. Self-declaration of age, identity, social security number, citizenship, residence and living arrangement is acceptable verification unless the information is confusing or contradictory to other information available to the CDJFS. Verification is still required for income, resources, pregnancy, limiting physical factor and third party medical information. (CCN 4569)

Rule 5101:1-38-021 - Medicaid and Families and Children: Social Security Number Requirement

The requirements for a social security number have not changed. Each applicant/recipient of Medicaid is required to furnish or apply for a social security number. PAM Sections 7406 and 7406.1 are being removed from the PAM. Information regarding the social security number requirements for Medicaid are in rule 5101:1-38-021. (CCN 4569)

Rule 5101:1-38-04 - Outstationing of Eligibility Workers at Disproportionate Share Hospitals and Federal Qualified Health Centers

PAM Sections 1015.6 through 1015.9 are being obsoleted and replaced with rule 5101:1-38-04, which is now contained in Chapter 7000. (CCN 4569)

Rule 5101:1-38-10 - Medicaid Estate Recovery

New rule 5101:1-38-10 provides information pertaining to Medicaid estate recovery. This rule includes the definition of estate, when an undue hardship waiver to exempt an estate from recovery may be granted, the notice requirements, and that any disputes relating to estate recovery will be resolved through the judicial process. The ODHS 7400 "Estate Recovery" form has been revised. (CCN 4575)