Family Child Care Rules
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5101:2-13-18 Group size and Ratios for a Licensed Family Child Care Provider
Effective Date: December 31, 2016

(A)What are the requirements for staff/child ratios and maximum group size for a licensed family child care provider?

(1)Each child care staff member shall care for no more than six children at any one time. No more than three of those children may be under two years of age.

(2)The family child care provider shall not exceed the license capacity at any time when caring for children during the provider's hours of operation.

(3)The family child care provider shall ensure that the required staff/child ratios are maintained at all times including during routine trips and field trips.

(B)What children in the home are counted in ratio and group size?

(1) Any child present at the home who meets any of the following shall be counted in the group size:

(a)All children under six years old, including those related to the provider, the provider's own children and residents of the family child care home.

(b)Children six years old through fourteen years old who are not related to the provider.

(c)Children six years old up to fifteen years old who are related to the provider and for whom care is privately or publicly funded.

(d)Children fifteen years old through seventeen years old who are authorized to the provider for publicly funded child care pursuant to Chapter 5101:2-16 of the Administrative Code.

(e)Foster children shall be counted as a child not related to the provider.

(2)If the parent of a child is also present and caring for the child, the child does not count in group size, unless the parent is the licensed family child care provider, a resident of the family child care home, an employee, a child care staff member or a substitute.

(C)What are the requirements for providers to keep an attendance record?

(1)The provider and child care staff member shall maintain a daily attendance record. Attendance records shall remain with the group at all times throughout the day including outdoor play and emergency evacuations. The attendance shall be updated throughout the day as children enter or leave the group.

(2)The attendance record shall contain all of the following information:

(a)The names and birth dates of each child in the group.

(b)The name of the child care staff members responsible for the group.

(c)The child's weekly schedule.

(d)The time (hours and minutes) of the child's arrival and departure to the group.

(3)A copy of attendance records shall remain at the home at all times.

(4)The written records of attendance shall be kept for a period of one year.

Replaces: 5101:2-13-20, 5101:2-14-18

Effective: 12/31/2016

Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 12/31/2021


Date: 12/06/2016

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: 5104.017, 5104.018

Rule Amplifies: 5104.017, 5104.018, 5104.01

Prior Effective Dates: 4/1/82, 5/20/83, 9/1/86, 9/5/86, 5/1/89, 10/15/96, 7/1/03, 9/1/05, 1/1/07, 10/1/97 (Emer.), 12/30/97, 4/1/03, 8/14/08, 9/29/11, 1/1/14