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CCMTL 70 (ELI Eligibility Rules eff. 11/21/05 - ARCHIVE)
Child Care Manual Transmittal Letter No. 70
November 7, 2005
TO: Child Care Manual Holders
FROM: Barbara E. Riley, Director
SUBJECT: Changes in Eligibility Criteria for Early Learning Initiative (ELI) Services

It is important that children from low-income working families have the opportunity to take part in the child care and early learning programs that are offered by Early Learning Initiative (ELI) agencies. This letter transmits several changes to the eligibility criteria for ELI services so that more families can participate in ELI programs in their communities. These changes will be effective November 21, 2005. These changes apply to any eligibility determination made on or after November 21, 2005, regardless of the date of application.

OAC 5101:2-16-35.1 Eligibility for Early Learning (ELI) Services has been amended as follows:

  • Language in (A)(5)(b) has been changed to allow eligibility for ELI when at least one of two caretakers is participating in OWF program approved activities. Language in (A)(5)(e) has been changed to allow eligibility when at least one of two caretakers is engaged in at least one hour per week of paid employment.
  • New language has been added in (A)(6) to allow eligibility for a child who receives child-only OWF cash assistance. The work and income requirements of the caretaker do not apply to this child's eligibility.
  • New language has been added in (A)(12) to clarify that the copayment requirement applies to a child who leaves ELI and enters non-ELI publicly funded child care.

There are no changes to the appendix of this rule.

INSTRUCTIONS: The following chart identifies the materials that need to be removed from and inserted into the Child Care Manual (CCM).

Publicly Funded
Child Care Benefits
with appendix
OAC 5101:2-16-35.1
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